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I definitely need to find tiny studs to put in my second and third holes, which I NEVER put anything in anymore and haven’t for about a decade.
Hey guys, I was wondering about placement when it comes getting my ears pierced and enlarging it. So I was wondering, should I ask the piercer to make sure my ear piercing is more inward so I can make room for another, or will it be fine being in the middle? It'd be a good idea to coordinate just how much you could safely stretch your first holes while leaving a sufficient amount of room for the second.
Oh and I went to a couple of shops today, and found out that I can get my ear pierced up to 8g (or was it 6?
Our thought was to last for the summer and get them done before school started, so on a quick trip into Victoria (and with a strong woman by my side) this mama took her girl in for a piercing. For me, I remembered how much that gun had hurt (I still have nightmares about it) and figured anything would be better. With the needle in, we were ready to pop the chosen earring on and be done with the whole business. I first got a whole bunch when I was in high school, then let them close up…and then re-pierced them all over the last year or so.

Because I think that if you choose the right earrings for your extra piercings, they’re elegant while still being (just a little bit) unexpected. See, I want to have the option of being able to have a second piercing above it (not directly, more above and to the side), and most likely enlarge it to a smaller size compared to the main, bigger one. I'd probably wait until stretching the first a bit before getting the second holes pierced to get a better idea of how much space you'll need between them. I had heard (and so had the girls) that it hurt less when done with a needle, and that was enough for them to be okay with it. She spent a good chunk of time making sure that the holes were lined up well… not just in the ear lobe, but also from afar. I dream of being brave enough to get a tattoo, but the reality is I can barely watch my girls get their ears pierced. And by the way, feel free to object or add a comment to my main idea, like maybe for some reason having two enlarged ear piercings that close to each other isn't a good idea. One of the shops (called Zebra) I THINK said the biggest is 8g, but the other one I went to (called Industrial Strength) probably will go up to 2g, there I forgot to ask, when I quickly and accidentally asked specifically for the price of 8g piercings. We have had them a month already with no problems (and we are crummy at the cleaning) No infection and no pain!

So walking into a tattoo parlour was a new thing for me, a bit out of my regular comfort zone… but totally worth it.
I’ll probably also throw another tattoo or two on there, just for fun (and because when your family expands seems like a good time to add some commemoration in ink form).
Out of the many piercings I've had, the least familiar I'm with is the ear, so I'd appreciate any tips.
So I'll probably start out with that, and have the piercer consult my lobes for further placement issues.
This kid was stung by a wasp earlier in the week and said it was a million times worse than getting her ears pierced.

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