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Getting my ears pierced was definitely a milestone in my childhood - I think I got them done on my 8th birthday.
A few days later, I was getting into an elevator and a little girl was there with her mother, sobbing.
Ashley began designing ASHA as an art history student at La Sorbonne, so Paris is a special place for her inspirationally.
Having spent much time in the French capital over the years, Ashley has narrowed down some of the dreamiest ways to spend one’s time there and was kind enough to share her recommendations with us. We are so excited to finally share with you the launch of MINED, our exclusive collection of accessibly-priced fine jewelry! Ali, who on most days is seen rocking a bold pattern and vintage-inspired accessories, beelined for the geometric pieces, which paired perfectly with her floral top and skirt set. Jamie is the queen of comfort and loves nothing more than throwing on ripped skinny jeans and a cool pair of sneakers. When a piece of jewelry is placed on your belly, it moves back and forth and rubs against your clothes. Very often, the belly piercing gets infected, when touching it with fingers. Make it a point to cover the belly piercing with waterproof bandage before you take bath or swim. Being the dark and moist area, belly button is the ideal place for the growth of microorganisms.
If you don’t have greenish or yellow discharge from the belly button, then you can very well remove the jewelry and give space for the belly to heal on its own. These days, more women and men are getting their ears pierced as a popular form of cultural, personal, or artistic expression. Other less common infected ear piercing symptoms include scaring, nausea, boils, and carbuncles associated with staphylococcus bacteria (Staph infections).
If you begin to notice redness and swelling has spread beyond the area of the piercing, and it's accompanied with a mild to moderate fever 48 hours after self-treating for infection, you'll need to contact your local health provider immediately. The skin around your ear piercing may be red, tender, and swollen for a couple of days after the piercing, this is normal.
This type of cleanser works by killing nonpathogenic bacteria, and can be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy. Using rubbing alcohol is a good way to prevent infections, and it can also be used to treat infected ear piercing if it occurs. You can treat an infected piercing using over the counter medications from your local pharmacy. The use of hydrogen peroxide should be avoided because it dries out the piercing site, kills healing cells and encourages a crusting.
Apply any antibiotic ointments or creams after you have showered, and before bedtime, daily. People with bleeding disorders, or who suffer from keloid scarring, should avoid piercing altogether.

What's most important for avoiding an infected ear piercing is to not change the earrings for at least six weeks from the date you had them pierced. The healing time for each individual, regardless of the piercing type, will vary considerably.
Choose a "beginning" jewelry so that once the piercing heals, you can get the perfect jewelry placed later on.
Once the piercing has healed completely, go to your piercer to change the "beginning" jewelry.
I asked what was wrong and her mom explained to me that they had gone to get her ears pierced for the first time at Claire’s, and the person who had done the piercing messed up the positioning of the holes so badly that it needed to be done again.
We learned at the tattoo parlor that a piercing gun is much worse for your ears, and that people should get their piercings done using needles only. For example, her Isadora Earrings were directly inspired by latticework in Eglise Saint Germain des Prés. From wandering the streets of Saint Germain des Prés and Le Marais, to buying fresh flowers from my favorite market on Rue de Buci or enjoying a coffee en plein air, I simply feel at home. We discovered them earlier this year and simply cannot get enough of their on-trend (yet totally wallet-friendly) jewelry! You can consult your doctor instead of using over the counter medicines for treating such infection. When you can feel warm in the area with pus like discharge, you have to treat it immediately. One study estimates that almost 50% of women and 20% of men aged 18 to 50 have had piercing in their earlobes. A qualified professional has a good understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the ear to be pierced.
In mild cases of infection, using an antibacterial soap can help eliminate the bacteria that are causing the infection. Neosporin is a first-aid ointment available without a prescription that contains three antibiotic ingredients in a petroleum jelly base, and can be used to treat minor skin infections. What changed were the locations as the invention of risky and innovative places to pierce the ears.
Along with the placement, we have also mentioned the approximate healing time for each piercing. Of course, getting an ear piercing, any piercing for that matter, is a big thing which requires commitment and responsibility.
Since I started Charm & Chain though, she has desperately wanted to start wearing some of the earrings we sell, and was sick of clip-ons. The worst thing would be for ears to get infected, and places that sell $5 jewelry probably aren’t going to be the most sanitary. Barth’s to Marrakech, the Connecticut-based jetsetter travels the world in search of inspiration for her jewelry line.

We hope these lookbook photos inspire you to mix and match the various motifs found throughout the collection. Shop MINED exclusively on Charm & Chain! Sometimes, when you are bathing in bathtubs, the water may accumulate on the jewelry and piercing area which give rise to bacterial growth. Make sure that you are doing piercing from trained professional who use sterile equipments for piercing. What's important to remember is that skin that has been wounded through piercing is vulnerable to infection.
Infection is the most common problem, and according to dermatologists, up to 20% of ear piercing results in an infection. However, if you think your piercing might be infected, there are some actions you can take to remedy the problem. It is applied in the same manner as regular soap and works best before alcohol and antibiotic treatments.
If the piercing isn't infected, and the wound has already healed, apply it on the posts or earrings, after they have been removed, three times a day to help mitigate or prevent infection. Antibiotic creams such as Neosporin can be applied after the alcohol treatment and in the same manner. Make sure that the piercing shop or parlor you choose uses a good sturdy earring that is hypoallergenic containing no nickel. Many cultures around the world accept body piercings, out of which, ear piercing is the most popular.
If you follow the instructions provided to you by the professional piercer, then there shouldn't be any chances of it getting infected. Which is why, it is essential to know basic rules or guidelines before you get a piercing done.
When she visited New York last weekend from California, we convinced her to get them done under the condition that the place where we took her would be 100% sanitary and that they wouldn’t mess up the positioning of her holes. To minimize the risk of an infected ear piercing, always have a trained professional perform the piercing, and keep your newly pierced ears clean. Although as tempting as it may be for you to try out those cute new earrings you've purchased, it's imperative that you leave the piercing earrings in place until the hole heals. In the following article, you will find some unique and a few traditional ear piercing types.

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