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Here is a list of 10 practical items that I have found very helpful in my day to day life here. Years ago I was given a small soft-walled cooler box and we have used it SO much when travelling in hot countries.
New York has just started the wonderful Citi Bike sharing system where you can rent a bike from a bike portal at any one of hundreds of locations all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.
The sun rises at 0530 here and we often find that apartment curtains and shutters don’t do a great job of blocking out the morning sun.
Most Summer days are sunny and hot but NYC does get frequent thunder storms with brief downpours.
As I said, it’s stinking hot here (excuse the pun) at the moment, especially down in the subway while your waiting for a train. Fans might seem a bit old fashioned but I’ve seen a couple of women using them and wish I had one.
Only joking but sometimes I wish I had one ?? It seems I always need to go as soon as we get to Manhattan.
We recently left our jobs to try out life as digital nomads, slow traveling our way around the world. To learn our tips for traveling in comfort without a big budget, follow our journey here on our blog or on Facebook. After viewing a ton of apartments we turned up at this place and my husband knew instantly that this was the one. One bonus of our apartment is the large closet we have off our bedroom, the ceiling is completely sloped with the highest point at approximately five feet, but we've used it as a spare bedroom at times for all the friends and family that we've had stay from the UK! There are some spaces in our apartment that can get rather dark at times as they are under the eaves, but that just adds to the character and coziness of this place! My favorite item in our home is our Chesterfield leather arm chair that we found on the street in London. Moving from London I was shocked at the size of apartments in Manhattan and I'm so proud of how we've made this little space work for us, and embraced our sloped ceilings and even made a tiny closet work as a guest bedroom! Consider the magnitude of costs and losses that are created by injuries from accidental slips and falls. The Due North Winter Traction Aids offer a truly ECONOMICAL SOLUTION to a very real SAFETY concern.
Due North Winter Traction Aids are lightweight and fit over the footwear people already own and feel comfortable in. WOODSTOCK, ON (CNW) -- Sobeys Capital Incorporated, a national grocery retailer, pleaded guilty and was fined $90,000 in the Ontario Court of Justice today after a young worker slipped and fell in a grocery store cooler, January 21, 2006. Justice of the Peace Robert Gay heard that the worker suffered a fractured hip after slipping on a piece of ice on the floor of a walk-in food cooler while on duty at the Sobeys store at 379 Springbank Ave., Woodstock. Sobeys pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the floor used by the worker was kept free of obstructions, hazards and accumulations of ice as required by subsection 11(a) of the Regulations for Industrial Establishments.
In addition to the fine, the court imposed a 25-per-cent victim fine surcharge on the total, as required by the Provincial Offences Act.
Areas that are slippery because of the continuous use of water--common in the floriculture industry--should be off-limits as general traffic areas and restricted to those workers who must perform their duties in that area.
Workers should wear safety footwear, appropriate for the work being done, to prevent slipping and falling on walking surfaces.
Reducing the risk of possible pulled muscle, fractures and back problems caused by a quick slip or fall. The Due North Family of Winter Traction Aids covers a full range of footwear, can be used on a greater variety of surfaces and footwear.

The tungsten carbide metal spikes wear and hold their edge longer, resulting in better ice piercing traction, even as they wear down. The replaceable button designed spike is not just an economical way to extend wear; it's also a safety feature. Our over sole is made out of 100% natural rubber (like a car tire), that stays flexible in even the most extreme cold temperatures. We sell our product to the United States Air Force, United States Post Office, Canada Post, New York Transit Authority, and many other industrial users like fire departments, paramedics, bus drivers, utility workers, maintenance workers, oil refinery workers and countless others. With that in mind, consider the magnitude of costs and losses that are created by injuries from accidental slips and falls.
If caught in a crack or hung up in any way, the button will pull through without tripping the wearer or damaging the rubber.
The HTA is ideal for drivers, delivery personnel or anyone operating machinery where use of a conventional, full coverage traction aid may interfere with driving capabilities.
Convenient hook and strap with adjustment system provides a quick, easy, comfortable, and secure fit on a wide variety of footwear.
Special rubber compound stays strong and retains elasticity in subzero temperatures for maximized durability. New and improved toe-box design enhances fit and function along with a 360-degree spike pattern that provides more push and lateral grip. Unique support hole on heel strap provides easy adjustment and makes it easy to put on and take off. New "Pulse Grip" tread design and repositioned Ice Diamond spikes provide more comfort under the foot and improved traction. Geometrically designed webbing and improved shape comfortably fit a greater variety of footwear. Special rubber compound maximizes durability while maintaining elasticity in subzero temperatures. The All Purpose Oversized is specially designed to fit oversized bulky footwear, for anyone who works or plays outdoors. All the same features as the All Purpose improved design, but designed to fit oversized winter boots. Retail Stores - Grocery, hardware, department, drug, etc (parking lot attendants & grocery cart retrievers (kids). Every day we go into town for the morning or afternoon and we buy treat eats and groceries that we want to keep cool until we return to our apartment. You never know when there is going to be a loud party in the street ( like there was on the 4th July) or perhaps your apartment has significant street noise. Yesterday I twice waited 20 mins for the C train because of problems on the line and it wasn’t pretty. People watching on the subway quickly loses it’s novelty and commuters often take this captive time to listen to music, read a book, listen to a podcast or study. Heider: 40 Tips for Traveling in the US on the CheapDoes your travel insurance cover terrorism ?
We moved from London the week that [Hurricane] Sandy hit and so our apartment search was narrowed to areas not affected by the storm, mainly Midtown and Upper West Side. I on the other hand needed a little more convincing as the apartment is in an old attic space with sloping ceilings. We love the village vibe, all the great restaurants and the hustle and bustle of this area. When we first moved in I was worried about the opaque window blinds, but its been a revelation!

My favorite place to snuggle up in the winter is the little nook where our sofa is under the eaves.
I'm a massive fan of keeping things as minimal as I can as too much clutter tends to stress me, but I also like my home to feel well lived in. In the past 10 years she's called home: a van, a former downtown store in small town Texas and a studio apartment rumored to have once been owned by Willie Nelson. We all know that the expenses associated with injuries of this type extend far beyond medical treatment for both employee and company. This reduces fatigue caused by walking on icy surfaces or from using cumbersome traction aids and unfamiliar footwear.
The surcharge is credited to a special provincial government fund to assist victims of crime. The employer, supervisor and workers should keep work surfaces clear of slip and trip hazards to the greatest extent possible.
Non-sparking and ten times stronger than rolled steel and does not "round off" as it wears.
Most competitors use a lower quality TPR, thermoplastic rubber, that becomes brittle in cold temperatures and does not maintain its flexibility. The HTA has two unique design features that quickly and easily allow the user to flip the traction pad or slide the traction pad out from underneath the heel when encountering a walking surface that may be damaged. Industrial is ideal for the worker who occasionally needs additional traction on ice and snow while performing their outdoor duties.
It’s brilliant and even better if you put in a small bottle of frozen water for your outing. The roads are busy and pedestrians are notorious for jay-walking and ignoring traffic signals. The NYC Department of Transport runs events several times a month where they fit you with a free helmet. No need for a physical map as we have Google Maps ?? If you plug in where you are and where you want to go, it will give you directions and times on different forms of transport. If there are problems with a subway line you can have lengthy waits or may have to walk to another station. When we walked around the West Village and Chelsea we fell in love with the area and knew we wanted to live here if we could afford an apartment. We feel so blessed to have The High Line right on our doorstep and Chelsea market across the street for groceries and some great eats.
I love that it has a story behind it, as well as the fact that we have something so classic in our home that we would never have been able to afford! Of course you must have ear pieces so you don’t disturb other people on the carriage.
But we have, and despite a few head bumps and bruises, we hardly notice anymore that we have to duck and dive around our home!
It can get quite noisy, especially at the end of the week with the bass pumping from nearby clubs, but nothing a pair of ear plugs can't solve! It’s best to have your own bottle of water and a favourite snack handy to keep you hydrated and your blood sugars up. I love the different colors of the wood and the beautiful butterfly joins; it's so totally unique, we love it.

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