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Sound Pressure Levels & Noise Test, Determination of sound pressure levels EN71-1 Noise tester.
Product Description Variable speed of sound pressurized heat exchanger is Two phase flow jet heat exchanger,are widely used in steam-water heat exchanger. In our everyday environment, there are many different kinds of sounds, but humans do not respond to all of these. Rather, we subjectively make decisions and focus only on certain sounds that we want to hear.
Other sounds that are not important, often inconvenient or disturbing, are sounds that are undesirable or unnecessary. Rather than containing certain physical properties, what defines noise is a subjective characteristic that is specific to the listener. Figure 2 shows the relationship between the loudness level of a pure tone and its frequency.
As can be seen from the graph, the physical magnitude of a sound and its subjective magnitude are not the same. Sound Level Meter is a device for turning physical properties of sound into numeric values. A reverse curve corresponding to the equal loudness curve at 40 phon is applied to the sound pressure (this is called "A"-frequency weighting). Perfomance specifications and test methods of sound level meters are specified in the international standards IEC 61672 series.

Basically, specifications for Class 1 and Class 2 sound level meters have the same design goals and differ in the tolerance limits.
Some common terms used having with special meanings and relating to sound level meters are listed below. The different sensitivity of the human ear at different frequencies is represented by the "A" and "C" weightings as shown in Figure 3. Sound level is obtained by averaging the signal corresponding to the sound pressure raised to the second power.
Type approval refers to a process by which the government tests sound level meters provided by domestic manufacturers and importers and ascertains that their construction and performance is in accordance with the stipulations of the Measurement Act. When a sound level meter model has been type approved, most items can be omitted during testing for individual product certification.
The optimum device to be Chosen will depend on the purpose of the measurement, the required accuracy, and the data processing method that is to be employed. These are the most common types of sound level meters, whose performance are defined by the applicable standards. A wide range of frequency and level range settings make this product suitable for many different measurements. Designed for mounting in outdoor urban locations, this type of device can display the ambient sound level at a specific point. Is a HIP HOP artist, was developed with the collaboration of producer Dr.Dre and renowned industrial designer Robert Brunner headphones. Precision built to full representation of a variety of digital music, play, forcefulness, turbidity of no tone, rich bass driver unit design and advanced, integrated amplifiers, active noise-canceling.

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Sound that is too loud, unpleasant, or that draws attention in a certain direction is commonly judged as noise.
Tolerance limits for Class 2 specifications are greater than, or equal to, those for Class 1 specifications. When measured with the "A" weightings, the result is close to the subjective sound level impression. Two kinds of time weightings are used, which differ in the time constant used for averaging: F (Fast, time constant 125 ms) and S (Slow, time constant 1 s). In some countries, a third characteristic called Impulse is used for the measurement of impulsive and impact noise. The vibration of the sound source object causes the adjacent air to vibrate and these vibrations are transmitted to the ear where they are perceived as sound.
When measured with the "C" weightings, the result is close to the sound pressure level (physical quantity).

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