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Recent studies have shown an alarming rise in noise related hearing loss in younger people and that 1 in 20 school aged children have hearing loss to some extent in at least one ear. Hearing loss has also been proven to have a negative effect on a childs development and learning ability and performance. Children can benefit greatly from not only using ear plugs for hearing protection but also for swimming.
In actual fact only a third of people who suffer from hearing loss are over the age of 65 which means that two thirds are younger and this includes children.

Exposure to noise such as loud music, electronic games, iPods, iPhones, MP3 players, concerts and fireworks emit noise at levels far exceeding a safe level of 85 db. Soft Silicone ear plugs have been specially designed for Swimming, bathing and water sports for anyone prone to ear infections or people who have been fitted with grommets. Utilize our Ear Protection Area Signs to prepare yourself in instances of construction or operating equipment. We strive to protect your hearing with these signs.• The laminated plastic, aluminum, and vinyl signs are long lasting and easy to hang.

These sounds are just some of the culprits responsible for damage being caused to our children’s ears. They will withstand outer influences and retain bold, eye-catching graphics.• Scroll over our signs or consult with our Live Help Hotline.

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