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Click here to download a modified version of this handout (pdf) that can be used in your local community. How is it that so many intelligent, inside-the-beltway environmentalists are buying into an eco-health-safety-finance debacle with the potential to increase energy consumption, endanger the environment, harm public health, diminish privacy, make the national utility grid more insecure, cause job losses, and make energy markets more speculative? Welcome to the Smart Grid — a government-funded money machine capable of intruding into every aspect of our lives. The problem: smart metering will turn every single appliance into the equivalent of a transmitting cell phone, and this at a time when public concern about the safety of exposure to the radiofrequency radiation (RF) of wireless technologies is on the rise. Some gas, water, and electric utilities are now using such smart networks, each with its own metering system and separate exposures — creating a multi-frequency wall of radiation that, in the history of living creatures, is unheard of.
On closer scrutiny, Smart Grids look like another Build-It-Now-Deal-With-The-Consequences-Later fiasco. Living creatures are fantastically sensitive to low-level, non-ionizing radiation that includes everything from visible light to the earth’s natural electromagnetic fields.
Birds, butterflies, fish, marine mammals, bees, and other insects are particularly sensitive to the earth’s natural electromagnetic background, using it to guide their migrations, sense of direction, circadian rhythms, food-finding, and reproductive activities. But human-made radiation creates different exposures — with unusual signaling characteristics like digital pulsing, phased array and saw-tooth waveforms, and at much higher power intensities than anything found in nature.
Meanwhile, hundreds of studies done with laboratory animals found numerous cancers, immune disorders, and increased mortality from chronic, low-level exposures.
Some of this work goes back six decades in bioelectromagnetics and biophysics journals — and is available for any curious environmentalist to see. According to Interphone, talking on a cell phone for 1,640 hours over a 10-year period — the equivalent of 30 minutes a day — increases an adult’s risk of malignant glioma brain cancer by 40%. Over 70 studies have found effects at frequencies with very low-power intensity, many with implications for human health. And many of these symptoms mirror what some people are reporting within days of Smart Meters installed at their homes.
In addition, several studies report increases in the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, which protects brain tissue from bacteria, viruses, and toxins.
In fact, every system of the body appears to be sensitive to low-level electromagnetic fields — and why not?
Of special concern are people with implanted medical devices like deep-brain stimulators for Parkinson’s, some pacemakers, insulin pumps, and in-home hospital equipment.
Still, he notes, the radiation from Smart Meters is 15,000 times lower than what FCC ultra-high standards. Compare that to cell phones that emit approximately 250-to-300 microwatts per square centimeter when placed directly against the head. Ross Anderson and Shailendra Fuloria at Cambridge University’s Computer Laboratory note that hostile government agencies or terrorist organizations could bring whole countries to their knees by interrupting electrical generation. All the while private, largely unregulated hedge funds have been entering energy markets, betting on the potential financial bonanza. Plus, for citizens, real-time metering reveals when you wake up, go to work, make dinner, do the laundry, use the computer, go on vacation.
Critics say that tiered pricing penalizes the elderly, self-employed, unemployed, homemakers, and those with small children — all of whom use more energy during the day.
Before the Obama administration even took office, their pre-transition coordinator for climate and energy policy, Carol Browner, met with IBM CEO Sam Palmisano. According to The Wall Street Journal, Palmisano told Browner that a $10 billion investment was needed to jumpstart Smart Grids.
The Food and Drug Administration and FCC have a stake in Smart Grids, as do the EPA and U.S. Steven Chu He is former director of the DOE’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and professor of Physics and Molecular Cell Biology at the University of California. But perhaps the biggest lack of intelligence lies in the energy and environment committees of the U.S. Now some Republicans, especially Tea Party activists who view Smart Grids as massive big government intrusion, may be fighting Smart Grid proposals — a situation that is creating an odd alliance between the extreme right and some activists who find themselves on the same side.
But some financial analysts say it will take over $900 billion over the next two decades to upgrade high-tension lines, meters, central control facilities, and substations. And yet California customers are signing petitions, organizing calling campaigns, forming neighborhood groups, holding forums, throwing protests, getting arrested for blocking from neighborhoods, suing the state, and threatening to go off the grid.
In 2010 Assemblyman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) requested that the California Council on Science and Technology evaluate health effects, and Marin County Supervisor Charles McGlashan has called for state hearings — with his county board declaring that the state should shut down all Smart Meters until billing, health, and safety issues are resolved. In 2007, Germany’s Environment Ministry issued a warning to German citizens to avoid wireless technology when possible and return to cabled means of communication. Chellis Glendinning is the author of five books, including When Technology Wounds and the award-winning Off the Map: An Expedition Deep into Empire and the Global Economy.

Thanks for putting up this collection of resources on a vital topic (we won’t even talk about the billions of people threatened by cell phones). It also would be good to have a section of links explicitly focusing on the staggering implications for privacy and social control (dealt with in the Counterpunch article).
To learn more about the history, meaning, power, and growing influence of near-death experiences, watch NHNE's How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World.
Additionally, any actual or attempted installation described above will cause obligation of one million dollars $1,000,000.00 due again upon each installation or attempted installation, owed by, and due from, every individual and agency fully and separately who may be responsible or complicit in approving or causing the installation. This is posted as notice, offer of contract and reservation of all legal and natural rights with full remedies owed for and upon any breach or violation. What could be more perfect for communicating facts about the planet, funding enviro-candidates, pushing legislation, and organizing Earth Days?
Other than those who stand to make enormous profits and the physicists or engineers who dream up such stuff, Smart Grids are giving knowledgeable people the willies. All transmitters inside your home or office will communicate with a Smart Meter attached to the outside of each building. According to Jenny Anderson and Julie Creswell writing in the New York Times, one such system in the Midwest already allows the utility to cycle furnaces and air conditioners on and off every 15 minutes, with the stated purpose to reduce peak-loads on electric grids. Cows have increased cancers, lower milk production, agitation, immune system disorders, more mastitis, miscarriages, and birth defects in offspring near cell towers.
Carpenter, MD, MPH, is the director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the State University of New York at Albany, School of Public Health. Fifteen studies report effects among people living 50-to-1500 feet from a cell tower — including cancers, immune system effects, fertility problems, heart arrhythmias, miscarriages, sleeplessness, dizziness, concentration difficulties, memory loss, headaches, skin rashes, lowered libido, fatigue, and malaise. The radiofrequency interference (RFI) inherent to Smart Grids can cause such equipment to go haywire, or even to stop. Now imagine Smart Grid’s multiple frequencies overlapping with animate objects … like your brain. A major problem is that the FCC regulates only short-term, acute, high-intensity, thermal effects in humans, while no criteria exist to protect wildlife. FCC standards only regulate for whole-body exposure, not for specific organs — like brain tissue which absorbs energy differently. Nowhere in utility estimates are such peak pulses factored — which, Tell has said, can be 20 times higher or more. In August of 2009, hackers robbed 179,000 Toronto Hydro customers’ names, addresses, and billing information from their e-billing accounts. More so than traditional grids, they stress that Smart Grids create a new strategic vulnerability as the cyber equivalent of a nuclear attack. People are complaining of ceiling fans turning on in the middle of the night, speeds spontaneously changing, paddles reversing direction, and circuit boards burning up.
In 2010 Dominion Virginia Power delayed a $600-million program because Virginia’s State Corporation Commission questioned its economic wisdom, noting that the savings to ratepayers would be less than the rate increases needed to pay for the build-out. It has signed contracts with CenterPoint Energy and Grid Net to deploy WiMax-enabled radios for use in Smart Meters. While proponents see real-time knowledge in the hands of consumers as a form of empowerment, they ignore the gorilla-in-the-room: tiered pricing. But a darker possibility exists: a utility could create special billing tiers just for you. Palmisano also claimed that Smart Grids would create 239,000 new jobs — with half of those resulting from start-up businesses. Sitting on several corporate communications company boards, including Intel and China Telecom, he is also co-chairman of the Coalition for the Green Bank, a capital-raising nonprofit that is lobbying Congress for more Smart Grid money — through environment committees.
A go-around on RF’s health and environmental effects raged from 2000 to 2006 in Colorado. In addition, they say to truly digitize and digitalize grids, it will cost hundreds of billions more, into 2030, because every utility’s computer network will need to be upgraded, new renewable-energy sources will be needed to plug into new access points, and recharging stations and power lines will need to be built.
After all the government mandates and stimulus money for Smart Grids, a veritable gold rush ensued — with utility companies, hedge funds, meter vendors, patent owners, and colossi like Google and Verizon vying for taxpayer bucks. Plus, provisions in the stimulus package exempt Smart Grids from National Environmental Policy Act review and allow federal preemption for siting high-tension corridors through environmentally-sensitive areas.
A pilot program of 10,000 such meters found no energy savings in 2009, he said, but would cost ratepayers $500 million. Using closed cables, fiber optic boasts no environmental RF exposures, no dirty electricity, is resistant to sabotage and weather disruptions, and provides TV and high-speed Internet.
I am feeling really sad and angry, as I seem to be discovering that The United States that I was so proud to be a part of, is not at all what I thought it was. While older models can be retrofitted, General Electric (GE) and other appliance manufacturers are already putting transmitters into their latest designs, and the U.S.

Birds with nests near antennas display lower reproductive rates, and chicks are born with birth defects.
Military-weapons designers have long used treetops with high moisture content as waveguides for missiles. Also reported are calcium ion changes in cells — with implications for the ability to metabolize. Dirty electricity is an industry term that describes a multi-frequency exposure when higher frequencies like RF couple with the lower frequencies running along power lines. That means if you sleep next to a wall with a smart appliance on the other side, strong UHF signals could be spiking several times a minute all night long — right into your brain.
WiMax is the fourth generation network that was earmarked by the FCC and the Obama administration to bring wireless Internet to rural areas — so clearly the technologies are moveable pieces, depending on who owns the chessboard. Today, many utilities set flat, state-regulated rates for kilowatt hours, but tiered pricing will change that. In other words, if you work the evening shift and cook dinner at midnight, your rate could be highest when everyone else’s is lowest. But his promise was not computed against the jobs lost, such as hundreds of thousands of unemployed meter readers. But neither EPA nor FWS has the funding or manpower to address the RF effects of Smart Grids or consider the effects of a new infusion of radiation into the environment.
At issue was a high-definition TV tower to be erected on Lookout Mountain near Denver, overlooking a community already burdened by one of the country’s largest antenna farms.
He is now Obama’s Secretary of Energy, and in 2009 Chu issued a statement telling the states to take the federal stimulus money and not stand in the way of Smart Grids. Smart Grid legislation first passed in 2007 as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act under the Bush administration.
As of June 1, 2010, the California Public Utilities Commission reports 2000 health-related and 1500 non-health-related complaints. And thus far, Berkeley, Scotts Valley, San Francisco, Sebastopol, Capitola, Fairfax, Camp Meeker, Cotati, Bolinas, and Watsonville, as well as Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa counties, have requested moratoriums.
And the European Environmental Agency called for action to reduce public exposure to radiation from mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, and other antennas.
The community of Dunnellon FL is proposing a fiber-optic system for every home and business — without increasing taxes. However cell phones, cell towers, wi-fi and other wireless devices can also affect your health! In simulations of whole colony collapse disorder, bees have disappeared entirely when transmitting cell phones were placed next to their hives. With Smart Grids such time-averaging makes the peak pulses that blast for a fraction of a second when first activated vanish on paper. Nor did he consider the fact that new information technologies are typically seen as a way to consolidate through fewer employees. Additional legislation was contained in the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 at the House Committee on Energy & Environment, formerly chaired by Henry Waxman (D-CA).
The PG& E executive in charge of the Smart Meter program, William Devereaux, was discovered infiltrating activist groups opposed to Smart Grids, and the utility admitted to monitoring online groups to track their strategies. And Israelis have torn down cell towers with their bare hands and chased landlords who lease rooftops to tower companies through the streets. Meanwhile, Google is seeking prototype communities for a fiber-optic system that could possibly be licensed for utility metering.
So exposures will not just be from your own meter, but accumulating from possibly 100-to-500 of your neighbors’ as well.
It is thought that RF interferes with their navigational abilities by coupling with a natural magnetic material called magnetite in bee abdomens. And they didn’t know the make or model of the meters so that people in the audience could look up the information. He was also Colorado’s Attorney General from 1999 to 2005 and gets low grades from environmentalists as one of a handful of Democrats to vote against setting limits on offshore drilling and global warming.
But Salazar attached a midnight rider to another bill right — pre-empting local decision makers. A companion bill was in the Senate., while in 2010 twelve bills were considered, some of which were revived in 2011.

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