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Historically, patients have generally had excessive ear wax or embedded ear wax removed using syringing or candling. Binocular glasses and suction is used by trained audiologists to clean your ear canal and remove wax. The audiologist will wear binocular glasses ?tted with a bright light to see your ear canal up close. Ear suction is carried out with a small sucker attached to a low-pressure suction machine that works like a gentle vacuum cleaner.
Servicing Abbotsford, Drummoyne, Canada Bay, Five Dock, Concord, Cabarita, Ryde, Balmain, East Ryde, Rozelle, Gladesville, Rodd Point, Hunters Hill, Lane Cove, Riverview, Longueville, Birchgrove, Chiswick, Woolwich, North Ryde, Pyrmont, Haberfield, West Ryde, Rodd Point, Putney, Denistone, Meadowbank, Glebe, Forest Lodge, Stanmore, Camperdown, Leichhardt, Croydon, West Pennant Hills, Beecroft, Cheltenham, Carlingford, North Rocks, Parramatta, Epping, Cherrybrook, Castle Hills, Dural, Round Corner, Galston, Baulkham Hills, Kellyville, Pennant Hills, Wahroonga, Thornleigh, Normanhurst, Hornsby & Asquith. Or, you can go to your doc and they will stick a real syringe in your ear (not all the way) and squirt water into it to clear it out.

BTW, I find the Walmart branded cotton swabs just the same as the true Johnson&Johnson Q-tip. If by "in ear monitors" you really, truly mean in ear monitors, like Etymotic ER4S's, then from personal experience I would say it's very easy and very effective to simply apply a thin layer of olive oil to the rubber flanges before insertion. Since no one else has mentioned it, this is what I do: Lay on my side and pour a little hydrogen peroxide in my ear. Pretty much every method has been discussed on this thread, but I'd recommend you try a solution of hydrogen peroxide and either warm water or vinegar. Especially when you're resting your head on the lap of a pretty Chinese girl who gently pick it out for you?
When I was about 9 or 10, a doctor used one of those metal syringes to clean out my ears and I thought he was going to burst my eardrum.

The only people who can use q-tips and not make things worse are people who don't have a problem with ear wax.I use ear wax drops for several days followed by an ear "syringe". You just have to be careful and buy the ones with the cloth stick, not the ones with the neon-colored plastic stick. Not only will it help you to get a better seal and better sound accuracy, but it'll lube-up your ear canal so as to coax any earwax buildup gradually towards the outter ear.
Pour a bit into your ear as you're laying on your side and let it sit in there for a couple minutes.

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