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Template for the box 2 color gif, if you are going to modify it in a graphics program, you'll need to increase color depth, just print it out to decorate it with rubber stamps, drawing or paint.
The lid lifts up to one level of dividers, and the box is lined with Super Suede on the bottom. In this picture you can see how the dividers are adjustable to accommodate any variation of jewelry. Since this box is not very tall, it doesn't demand a lot of room (it measures 15" wide by 10" deep and 2.5" high). This box makes for a great gift, because it is one of my most affordable boxes and is something everyone can use.

In the photos to the right, I show how it can be a perfect unique gift idea for mom, as she can store mementos, kids' art, or photos.
If you'd like to order a box or check on availability, please contact me using the form below and mention the Flat box. It is also quite versatile; if you remove the dividers it can change from a jewelry box to a decorative storage box. I also show how it is one of the most unique gifts for dad, because he can store remote controls, or other things such as phone chargers or pens and other things from his desk.
Cut out using either small sharp scissors (to get into the small areas) or with a craft knife, assemble with a glue stick or double stick tape.

I usually spray them with a coat of acrylic semi-matte clear spray before cutting to protect the ink from smudging.

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