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Are you an artisan who makes handmade earrings, and wants to be able to show them off on your own earring cards? Open up your publishing program and change your paper orientation to be Landscape (sideways).
Use the + magnify glass to ZOOM IN on the upper left square, this is the square you will be working on. Now for the additional fun stuff… below I’m offering two image files of FREE earring cards for those of you who don’t want to print anything branded or fancy.
PagePlus file of Earring Card Style 2 – edit as you wish – Right Click and “save target as” if having problems. I have more tutorials planned, including ones for tent-style earring cards (love these), and necklace cards.
I downloaded that print page plus and you failed to mention that it is the beginners addition that does nothing you say, and the instructions that you give can not be followed by no means.
It’s possible that they have altered the free version since this was posted back in 2011 though, this post is 3 years old. I’ve been using the free version of this program for 2 years after reading your recommendation for it here.
I just downloaded the free version but am unable to get it to work using the instructions from Kelly.

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. I found a few good ones, but most of them included additional supplies (11?17” paper) or steps (gluing several pieces of cut out paper together) that seemed unnecessary.
Safety pins work well because the hole is small enough to hold the earring snug in the card. They will be similar to this one, but will have other tips and techniques that I feel are useful.
I don’t use templates that come with the program, my tutorial is to show how to make your own template using your own graphics.
I use it for jewlery cards, coupon cards, thank you cards, all sorts of things for my Etsy shop.
It’s easy… simply drag and highlight the entire square, and click the little puzzle piece bottom that appears on the bottom right.
ZOOM OUT (- magnify glass) to see your entire sheet and press CTRL+V over and over again, moving the pasted images into each available empty square.
I just put the cardstock in my printer and press print without messing around with any settings. The pre-made templates *should* still work though since the file type should still be supported.

MS Word-type programs don’t work as well because you have less leeway in image and text placement. The reason I like this method of creating earring cards is because you could realistically make a page with several styles of cards in one printing. Most folks will add a logo or company name up top, and maybe a website address at the bottom.
You’ll find it useful for an endless variety of things, and they allow you to create better flyers, business cards, brochures and much more. You’re welcome to share it, but please give a link back to this blog if you do – much appreciated!
If you’re serious about designing and printing your own branded items it’s really a must-have. I do custom work and can create a custom earring card image for a small $10 fee, if interested, contact me.

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