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Barrel or Post Pierced to Clip On Earring Converters are a popular way of making stud pierced earrings wearable by anyone!
With a no bend pierced to clip on converter, you don’t have to bend the post of the pierced earring at all however the earring will sit low beneath the earlobe. Let’s look at how you convert a pierced earring to a clip on earring using a post pierced to clip on earring converter. The whole process shouldn’t take long but do support the back of the earring as you convert it, bending gently and steadily rather than in quick jolts.
Make Me Beautiful stocks allergy safe post and no bend pierced to clip on earring converters.

We never sell, share or rent your personal information to any third parties under any circumstances. They have an important feature that might make you choose them over a no bend and that is that the earring will sit high up on the earlobe onceĀ convertedĀ from pierced to clip on.
This looks perfectly acceptable for drop or dangle earrings and you may enjoy wearing these earrings as a clip on using a no bend pierced to clip on earring converter. If the one you are trying to convert looks especially thick, first check to see it can enter the barrel of the converter. Remember that any earring you convert in this way won’t be wearable as a pierced earring any more, however the bending will make the earring sit well in the converter without fear of it falling.

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