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These are our latest addition to our range of hard to find "No Bending" required pierced to clip earring converters, only these feature a screw on fitting.
Rising Dragon Enterprises Ltd is a registered company in England & Wales company number 3921197.
View DetailsI am also including 12 small earnuts for added security for your post earrings. Note: Plated items may still contain a small amount of nickel and therefore are NOT RECOMMENDED for people with allergies. Order before 2pm with Fast Track Delivery at checkout for next-working day delivery in the UK.

Listing is for 1 pair for $1.25 earring converters for post back or stud style earrings- with cosmetic defect - they work perfectly fine !
Because a screw on fitting allows you to adjust the tension on the earlobe very easily, loosening if too tight and gripping firmer if it seems it might fall.You don't need to bend the post of your pierced earring in order to use these converters. All you need to do is just insert posts directly into the cylinder, then clip onto your earlobe. These are quality earring converters manufactured in the USA by a specialist.Can be used for all types of pierced hoop earrings except fish hook style earrings. It is particularly good for dangle earrings such as things hanging on threads, tassels, chains and the like.Note that the earring itself will hang below the earlobe.

If you require the earring to sit higher, then you can use a bend style pierced to clip on earring converter.This pack contains three pairs, totalling six converters.

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