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NOVQ&A: Have a Question?Have a question about Earring Gloss White & Chrome Modern Design Floor Lamp 11640?
Reviews (0)Product DescriptionDo you fondly recall of a trip into the countryside to see the colors of the fall leaves that you took together? The tall body of the lamp is made from wood and medium-density fiberboard in a white gloss finish. Our professional product specialists are ready and available to help answer your questions quickly.To speak with a product specialist today, please call 800-269-2216 or if you'd prefer, just leave your phone number in the comments area below and we'll be happy to give you a quick call back.

Are there sweet memories of walks in the woods or perhaps a special tree that you planted together in years past in your mind? If the beauty of nature can summon up beautiful moments from your life together, you can say thank you to her for being in all of them with you with these Corrugated Copper Drop Leaf Earrings. The bell-shaped shade of this accent piece is made from silk in a tan hue, thus adding to its stylish aesthetics.
The earrings are fashioned out of copper that has been corrugated to create a network of ridge sand grooves along its surface.

Muted tones are used throughout the Nova Earring Floor Lamp White, which make it suitable for a large variety of decor themes.

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