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This earring jewelry gift box is the perfect way to gift wrap or store your fine and faux jewelry! Carnival Collection jewelry gift boxes feature red leatherette exteriors with gold foil details.
Interior of box has white fabric panels and a velvet presentation tab with slots for each earring.
Any jewelry items purchased will NOT arrive packaged within the gift box unless you specifically request otherwise. Requests for packaging items in gift boxes can be noted in the "comments" field at checkout. You can call or email us prior to purchasing to inquire if a specific item will fit in a specific jewelry gift box.

Product DetailsItem Code: X152-REDSETPresent your jewelry gift in a spectacular way with a Red Jewelry Gift Box.
I would like to thank you very much for your kind welcome , cooperation and nice communcation.Definitely it was the highlight of my trip to Asia. From incoming raw material to outgoing finished products, Odear has been complying with strict quality control criteria. China Good Quality Gift Packaging Boxes, Rigid Gift Boxes and Card Board Packaging International Trade Site. QC: Dedicated QC department, 3 times from materials selection, standard pre-production samples which are confirmed by clients, we check the finished goods one by one. A professional and experienced QA team is in place for quantity and safety management and control.

In addition, we perform regular stuff training, in order all can understand and implement individual quality responsibility. Orders sent to different address than credit card address can cause delay due to credit card verification requirements. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer including promotions, gift certificates, coupon codes or contest redemptions.

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