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Make as many chain stitches required for the width of your frame then add 3 more ch sts for turning chain. Place the crochet fabric into the back of the frame (make sure you’ve taken the glass out) and secure the back of the frame in. Feel free to share a photo of your Crochet Earring Hanger Frame on the Crochet Hooks You Facebook Page.
Here’s something special for crocheters who want to go beyond hats and afghans, and for jewelry makers looking for new and adventurous crafting ideas. The 40 projects come from the finest contemporary crochet artists, and range from modern to whimsical. Create chunky rope bracelets out of large cord or a beaded tapestry pattern in a geometric cuff.

All the items use familiar stitches, while introducing unusual techniques such as Irish and bead crochet. I taught myself how to crochet when I was a young girl and quickly picked up how to crochet the granny square and got hooked. Thanks for sharing, my daughter wants to crochet with me but always chooses a pattern bigger than her skill level or how much time she wants to spend to complete, this is a great project for her and she can give to her friends for gifts! If you would like to make a donation towards Crochet Hooks You then please click on the Donate button below.
Individual Earring Holder…Each earring hanger organizes and beautifully displays 60 or more pair of earrings on the mesh screen. Make a crocheted piece of fabric and place it into a photo frame without the glass panel to hang earrings up!

This certainly is a great starter project and even better that your daughter can give it to her friends as gifts!
You can use any stitch you like for your crocheted fabric but I’ve used the double crochet for this frame.

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