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Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. I used the base of the Ikea Bygel basket (the plate with holes in it) and used it to hang earrings on the wall. Since I’m considering adopting this hack, what’s wrong with galvanized steel in this case?
Description: I mounted a Grundtal Paper Towel Rack on the wall in my closet to hang my earrings on for easy access. 2) Screw the hinge on the frame, I used a hinge I already had and this was the only way the hinge would allow for the frame to be tilted upwards when hanging on the wall.
A message to Vesperbeauty, could you share the pictures of how you set up your jewerly cabinet with Lillagen Tall mirror cabinet?
My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".
I used super glue instead of a drill – it was a lot easier and it seems to be holding well!

Anonymous – I think wallpaper or even scrapbook paper adhered with Mod Podge would look great! I hung both the plate with the holes (for earrings) and the basket (for accessories) using nails, and rested the lip of the plate with holes on the nail– no hanging bracket necessary. I make my own jewels and I have so many earrings that I don’t know where to store them. Wrap the elastic around as much as you like, making sure you cover up where the staple-thingies might have gone through. I had two different kinds but only a small piece that my studs would go through so I used this at the bottom. With a little help from a friend attach the entire back piece to the wall making sure it fits inside the frame.
Measure and poke holes in the backing where you want to place the knobs for chunky necklaces.
Galvanized steel is not recommended for jewelry making because the galvanizing process contains lead.

After that I made the textile starched with some liquid starch as only a starched textile is capable to keep the earrings.
I love the fact that it is see through so takes the color of the background wall and so fits in to the decor so easily. Looking at the small pic I thought at first that it was a crocheted doily in the back of the larger compartment. Using a wire cutter, cut the screws for the knobs so when the knobs are screwed on they are not too long and screw the knobs on the inside of the back. Thankfully this one is not, since the Bygel baskets were originally meant to hold kitchen and food items). Remove the glass from the picture frame, cut the ring foam pad to size and glue it in the back of the picture frame, and put it back in the frame.

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