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You or your parent can ask the people at the piercing shop how they make sure the equipment they use — and the earrings — stay sterile, which means germ free. When you first get your ears pierced, you should leave the earrings in until your ears are completely healed.
Use a cotton ball or swab to apply rubbing alcohol or antibiotic ointment to the earlobe or lobes. After your ears have healed, it’s a good idea to remove your earrings every night before you go to sleep. That means you should see the person wash his or her hands, use hand sanitizer, or wear gloves before he or she starts the process.
Another way to find out how they do things is to watch another customer get his or her ears pierced.
For several days after the piercing, you or a parent will need to clean your ears and put ear cleaning solution, rubbing alcohol, or antibiotic ointment on them.

When you remove your first earrings, clean them — and any other earrings you’ll be wearing — in rubbing alcohol. An infected earlobe may be swollen, red, warm, and painful, and it may ooze a thick, yellow-white fluid called pus. The doctor will probably suggest a routine of cleaning the ear and putting antibacterial ointment on it.
But if you take care of the infection, it probably will go away completely in 1 to 2 weeks.
We have an example of all of those piercings in our collection so please enjoy and hopefully you learn a thing or two. After the earring is in, the technician will clean your ear again and make sure that the earring is in OK. If you don’t, your holes could close up and you’ll have to go through everything all over again!

They go through the little piece of flesh that separates the two nostrils on the inside of the nose. A nasal tip piercing goes through the front tip of the nose and will most likely leave a funny indention there for the rest of your life.
An austin bar piercing goes horizontal through the tip of the nose and a bridge piercing as you might have guessed, goes through the bridge of the nose.

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