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Every time I see a picture like this, I end up wondering three things, which possibly people who actually have facial piercings can explain.
Karl Lagerfeld Gave Models ‘Pearl Piercings’ At The Chanel ShowDo You Have Multiple Piercings or Tattoos? The only thing addicting about it was the habit I developed of turning the ring around with my upper lip constantly.
Also, not everyone with a facial piercing has an extreme one like the picture shown, just, y’know, in case you felt like not making sweeping generalizations about a group of people based on an outward appearance choice. I wanted my tongue pierced for years but I waited until I was in my mid-twenties to get it and now, a decade later, I’m still sporting it. I had my lip pierced and though I had to take it out for work reasons, I miss it every day. The only one I found particularly obnoxious was my tongue piercing, I accidentally bit into it a lot and that was uncomfortable, but I know lots of people who have had them for years and have never had any problems. 1) Not really, except when I had both nostrils pierced and had to avoid them while washing my face (which I do gently anyways).
2) I find that, personally, they are addictive (but I have many friends who only have one piercing, so I guess thats not true for everyone). You don’t have to change the way do things (depending on what kind of piercing you get).
When I got my first facial piercing, which was the center of my lip, I had to change pretty much everything facial-related. I have my nose pierced, and no nothing has really changed except my self esteem (its actually higher). One day I saw a photo taken while I was doing it, and it was such a hideous thing that I immediately took out the ring and haven’t looked back.

I have no desire to have anything else pierced at all and find many facial piercings 1)distracting 2) unflattering 3) waste of money. Well, I worked in a place where I could get them for freeish with no consequences, and I still only got my lip. That looks like a temporary piercing he decided to try to keep, which will reject revoltingly. As far as adjusting to how you do simple stuff, definitely at first with eating and drinking because it was swollen, tender and had a longer piece of jewellery in it while it was healing.
I just couldn’t wear my hair up at work because my piercing would distract my students, yet they would also look for it when I wore my hair up. Here is my story: the cheekbone piercing I mentioned above was ripped out of my face by my hairdresser while she was brushing my face.
Smiling hurt for weeks, laughing was even worse, every time I drank out of anything other than a narrow-necked bottle I whacked the damn thing on it.
It was frigid cold the night I got it and I had to walk about 30 minutes to meet with my boyfriend, and by time we got home I dreaded blowing my nose. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
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The only thing I could not do comfortably was bite into fruits like apples, peaches, that kind of thing. Some people are all about getting more, but most people are happy with their singular face-jewelry. I do sea salt soaks with my lip and even though I keep it really clean it gets a litle irrtated sometimes, probably because it’s on my mouth and things like spicy foods or make up can get in the hole and piss it off.

Also, I just would hide it with my hair because parents think if you have a piercing, you are teaching their children how to do coke.
I had another facial piercing near the top of my cheekbone, and with that one I had to kind of learn to maneuver around it while washing my face or putting on makeup, but it wasn’t bad.
That’s as many piercings as I will get, besides the 2 holes I have in each ear that I rarely wear earrings in anymore. Worth it, I still love it (more so now that its downsized), but at the time it was a bit harrowing. Also, the entire time I had it, my face felt very fragile and I was very protective of anyone going near it, or anything (ex, hats). Compare that to when I was young and stupid and got my ears done by one of those dreaded guns, one set of holes STILL flares up and gets sore every once in a while. Based on this experience, I am always made very nervous when I see people like the guy in the photo. Basically, if you pierce your nose, what are the odds you’re going to want an eye fence within a year? I feel like eventually, something has to catch on to those earings, theyre are all inevitably going to be torn out, right?
I’m pretty sure that its like any other piercing or body modification its prone to infection. I’ve had two dozen piercings total, and have managed to never have some kind of incredibly ridiculous injury because of them, though.

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