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NIPPLES - detailed info and pictures of piercings along with information on stretching nipple piercings to wear larger gauge jewelry. For those of you looking for care and healing information for piercings, I've reproduced a piercing aftercare sheet from Body Manipulations.
Neither images nor written content may be reproduced elsewhere without express written permission.
It may come as a surprise that there are over thirteen recognized piercings of the ear other than the standard lobe.  So what are they called, where are they situated, and what do people wear there?  As with all modern piercings, style is limited only to imagination, but there are definitely some basics to bear in mind. Orbital: An orbital is also a perforation of the conch area, but is done close to the helix and definitively worn with a larger diameter captive ring that loops around the outside of the helix. For those who wear circular jewelry in their ear piercings, gauge size as well as diameter will be needed to attain a perfect fit. Also, for industrial wearers, length will vary greatly due to the piercing’s many variations, and some will require custom bent or waved barbells for either comfort or simple aesthetic value.
Keep in mind when buying piercings that all body jewelry varies in size vastly, being especially careful when buying online.
EARLOBES- A standard ear piecing, and undeniably the most common, is a single hole in the center of each earlobe.
CARTILAGE- A standard cartilage piercing is the second most common ear piercing seen today. INDUSTRIAL- or scaffold, piercing is made up of two holes that are connected by a single piece of jewelry (usually a long barbell). TRAGUS- is a fairly popular piercing involving the thick oval of cartilage that juts out directly in front of the ear canal.
ANTI-TRAGUS- As the name implied, the anti-tragus is opposite the tragus on the outer ear just above the ear lobe. ROOK- is the thick fold of cartilage located on the anti-helix (upper inside of the ear) just above the tragus.
SNUG-  is located halfway down the outer rim on the inner cartilage of the ear, just above the anti-tragus.
DAITH- (usually pronounced day-th, but properly pronounced doth, rhyming with moth) is located between the rook and the ear canal *8-16 weeks initially and up to one year to be healed completely. A common modification that is being done to pierced earlobes currently is called stretching or gauging.
Nostril-piercings penetrate the soft cartilage that surrounds the outside of the nasal passages (nose). MONROE PIERCING- on the lip is done on the upper lip on the person's left hand side slightly off center.
JESTRUM PIERCING- The center of the upper lip is pierced like the medusa and goes through the lip and comes down to the bottom of the upper lip. HORIZONTAL LIP PIERCING- This rare piercing goes through the bottom lip usually coupled with a curved barbell. LABRET PIERCING- This piercing is opposite of the medusa where the piercing is done on the center of the lower lip. ANGEL BITES- Angel Bite piercings resemble a combination of the monroe and madonna piercings where both sides of the upper lip are pierced.
CYBER BITES- Cyber bites resemble a combination of the medusa and labret piercing locations where the top center of the upper lip and the bottom center of the lower lip is pierced. CANINE BITES- Canine bites involve four different piercings on both the left and right side of the upper lip and bottom lip. DOLPHIN BITES- Dolphin bites involve two piercings on the center of the lower lip spaced accordingly.
SPIDER BITES- Spider bite piercings involve two piercings either on the left or right hand side spaced accordingly. SHARK BITES- Shark bites involve four piercings where two are grouped on the left side and the other two are grouped on the right side of the lower lip. SNAKE BITES- Snake bites are done on the bottom of the lower lip with one piercing on the left side and the other on the right side. TONGUE PIERCINGS- If there was ever a piercing I would advise against getting, this would be it.
NIPPLE PIERCING - Are essentially the same for both men and women - genetically, we have the same origins in the womb and only the addition of the male or female chromosomes. Size - Obviously, in most cases, a woman's nipple size is more generous than a man's, allowing more space to insert a piece of jewelry. MICTODERMALS- Also Known As: dermal anchors, microdermal anchors, single point piercings, dermal implantsare the newest and most popular form of dermal piercing.
CUSTOM ORDER ITEM: This is a Custom Order item and will take weeks, depending on the manufacturer, for delivery.

This is from the back of one of the releases that I got when being pierced at that establishment in 1992 here in San Francisco. Cartilage forms the transparent tissue of the upper part of the ear takes longer to heal than an earlobe piercing *(at least 8-12 weeks) and because there is a limited blood supply to that area some individuals never heal properly. An industrial piercing is commonly seen pierced through the cartilage on the upper ear, *Healing time takes anywhere from 3 months to 1 year.
A conch piercing is located in the big area of cartilage just above the earlobes and the anti-tragus on the inner ear.* Healing time is 8-16 weeks.
If located on the section of rim closest to the head, it is sometimes called a forward helix or ear head piercing. The piercing can be placed anywhere on the nostril, even in the dimple, but each person's nasal anatomy will make different locations look better or worse, so it's important that you're absolutely sure about the placement before making it official. Your septum is a thin wall of cartilage that runs down the center of your nose, separating your right and left nostrils. VERTICAL LABRET PIERCING- This piercing goes through the top surface of the bottom lip and out the bottom so that both studs are seen.
It's considered a surface piercing, since most people don't have a lot of flesh for the jewelry to grab onto in this area, so the risk of migration and rejection is high. That can suffocate the piercing and build up more sweat, which makes healing more difficult and is a breeding ground for bacteria. All piercing aftercare is important, but the navel is especially important because a small infection can get very bad very quickly. If a man's nipple is extremely small and tight to the chest surface, it's possible that it can't safely be pierced at all.
Dermal implants used to be reserved for only the most extreme body modifier--spikes, horns, and other protruding metal objects could be worn almost anywhere on the body, including the head. Please choose 'Multi-Gem' from the drop down menu below if you want the gems more than one color or set up in a specific pattern and please add that in the comment section of your order.
However, due to the elasticity of skin, earlobes can be gradually stretched over time to eventually hold a 6-gauge, 4-gauge, even a 00! Your piercer should place a small dot on your nose to show where they're going to insert the needle, and it's your job to really look at it and decide if that location is good or not. A septum piercing, however, does not penetrate the cartilage but the softer space of tissue just below the septum. The barbell your tongue will initially be pierced with should be extra long because your tongue is going to swell up quite a bit. Brow piercings do have a habit of migrating if they're not pierced deeply enough or the jewelry is too thin or heavy.
While those larger implants are still available, the newer microdermals or dermal anchors have quickly become a favorite across the board in the body art community. Anatometal's Titanium Princess Cut Gem Bling Eyelets are a fabulous twist on an Anatometal favorite that brings both class and taste together for an elegant piece of jewelry. The selection on body jewelry online is endless, you can also find exotic body jewelry as well where you wouldn't be able to find at store or be comfortable buying face to face, and then there's the best reason of all COST! Gauging is done by gradually upgrading the size of the jewelry little by little, coaxing the hole to fit bigger and bigger earrings until you have achieved the desired size. The pain of getting a septum piercing varies with everyone, but it will no doubt cause you to tear up.
It's imperative that you change the jewelry out to a shorter barbell once your tongue is healed, *about 4 weeks after the initial piercing.
They can be irritated by eyebrow hairs, so plucking the hairs closest to the entry points of the jewelry can be very helpful, especially if you're experiencing swelling or tenderness in a healed piercing.
A straight barbell will cause too much tension on the edges of the fistula and could increase the chance of migration. Navel piercings are tricky to heal, even if you do everything right, and they're highly prone to migration and rejection. A woman who has or may have a child and wishes to breastfeed, a safely done nipple piercing does not hinder the ability to nurse. They're small, decorative, easy to implant, and still have the advantage of almost limitless placement options. Thinner than 14ga on the body and you run the risk of the piercing slicing through the skin tissue.
Yes body jewelry online is 10 times cheaper then it is even at your local Wal-Mart and for sure the mall! That doesn't mean you're crying - it's a natural response of your nervous system to involuntarily secrete tears when your nose is pinched or pierced, even if it's not particularly painful. Having a longer barbell allows for extra play and makes it all too easy to accidentally chomp down on one of the balls while talking or eating.

Contrary to the rumor that a bridge piercing will make you cross-eyed, no Erl piercees have reported any involuntary eye-crossing.
Just the nature of the belly button to harbor bacteria and provide it with a moist, dark environment sets a stage for problems from the start. The jewelry, however, should be removed and it's very important to make sure that the fistula is clean before doing so. The anchor, a flat piece of metal that sticks out sort of like a foot, is what holds the piercing in place.
I have also just added a Piercing Frequently Asked Questions that covers a lot of the basic questions that people ask me. So in a nut shell once your properly informed on your piercing and how to correctly purchase and take care its smooth sailing from there!
Being careful not to bend and stretch that area when it is your body's primary source of movement is easier said than done. Any bacteria, infection, or even the jewelry itself can pose a danger to your nursing baby. Sometimes the anchors have small holes in them, which allows the tissue to encompass the anchor as it heals, giving it a firmer hold.
Nostril screws and fishtails are okay for nasal piercings after they're already healed, but can cause more problems than they're worth during the initial healing process.
The constant presence of bacteria can make it difficult to heal a septum piercing, so keeping your nose clean (literally) is essential.
The soft tissue of the eyebrow swells quite a bit at first, so you should pierce it initially with a larger piece of jewelry to accommodate that swelling. There are two basic ways that dermal anchors can be inserted - with a regular piercing needle or with a dermal punch.
I would like to have all my body piecings enlarged to 10g, which I find to be a nice size for myself.
They're loose, are prone to falling out, and the thin wires can poke the inside of your nose. If you have severe allergies or are easily prone to sinus infections, you might want to avoid this piercing altogether. Make sure you understand exactly what you're getting when you get your piercing and what the shop's policies are. Both innies and outies can be pierced, but require special skill by an experienced piercer.
The dermal punch seems to be the best and least traumatic way to create the hole for the anchor, but some states don't allow the use of dermal punches.
If you're going to wear a nostril screw or fishtail once it's healed, then you'll only need an 18 gauge piercing. One advantage of the septum piercing is that with the right jewelry (usually a circular barbell) it can easily be hidden by simply turning the jewelry and allowing the ends to rest inside the nose. The starting gauge of your piercing needs to be determined by your piercer, based on how much tissue you have available in this area. They can still be done safely and effectively with the needle as long as it's done by a careful and experienced piercer. The size of the jewelry and the balls on the ends, however, could affect your ability to breathe through your nose when you do that, so it's something to keep in mind.
A septum retainer bypasses that particular problem, but it's not quite as attractive when visible. Because titanium is often preferred for surgical implants due to its low rejection rate, it's also the optimum choice for your anchor jewelry. Also keep in mind if you take it out if does heal quickly as well unlike ears and mouth piercings. Starter jewelry can be as small as 18 gauge, but 16 and 14 gauge suit a fuller nose much better.
At that time, you can change to a shorter curved barbell if needed, but it will take an additional period of several weeks for the inner tissue to heal. The jewel that is visible on the skin is threaded and just screws into place, so they are easily interchangeable once the anchor is healed.
The twisting action involved in removing or replacing the jewel can damage the tissue if the anchor isn't healed, so that's why you need to wait.

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