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The mantle is a symbol of royalty, and I think the Swedish royal ermine mantles were red on the outside, although Fleur de lis would have been nice (I love that symbol) You're right about the Malteser cross, and the cross used in the chain is called Cross of Lorraine or Patriarchal cross, but as you say, it is mainly used in Orthodox countries.
The other explanation is that the painter expected to add a huge wig to the portrait, which could explain why the face is small, but then again, it was well-known that the king never wore a wig and wished to be portrayed the way he looked.
His mother, Lovisa Ulrika, was a rather special woman, being a good friend of Carl von Linné, she was interested in science and biology. QuoteThis amazing photo was taken after the storm Gudrun, the white lines are roads, the trees used to grow in the brown area, but fell during the storm, and now it all looks like one big tree  Photo credit Joakim Berglund Amazing, how ironic. She was described as a beautiful, intelligent woman, the only thing that wasn’t beautiful was her ear. The colors are derived from the Swedish coat of arms (established in 15th century), with the three golden or yellow crowns in a blue field and the Lion crest, used by the Folkunga dynasty, which ruled Sweden from 1250-1364.
During a thunderstorm, her mother had slapped her and the ring got stuck in the child’s earring, as a result, a piece of the ear was ripped off. Gustav, being a promising an intelligent man, participated in politics early on, and in 1771 he went to France for negotiations. During that visit, his father, who had been appointed king of Sweden by the Russian empress, died on February 12th 1771 in the evening, after having had his dinner. His death is very famous, since it’s said that he died after having eaten to many semlor (traditional Swedish cookie the king loved).
After the death of Karl XII, the land was exhausted, the glory days were over and the consequences of absolutism well known. Measures were taken so that no king would ever have that much power again, the nobility, who had lost a great deal of their power after the bloodbath in Linköping and the reduction, now grew stronger. The coup however, was discovered in time.In 1772, Gustav did the same, but this time, the coup was successful.
He wished to rule as an enlighten king, and he did many good things; he banned torture, temporarily stopped the death penalty of which he was opposing, increased the religious freedom and allowed Jews to live in Sweden, and he was the first head of state to acknowledge USA as an independent nation. His family life was tragic, after having been cold to his wife for years, he realised that he needed an heir.
After the pregnancy had been announced, rumours were spread that Munck was the father, Gustavs mother believed that too. Because of her cold and brutal behavior, she was forced to ask for forgivness in public, Sofia Magdalena vowed never to see her or speak to her again, Gustav met her one more time, when she died.
As a result, Gustav had the persons from the leading nobility arrested, like Axel von Fersen the older.
After the peace, he started planning a new war, to stop the revolution in France as he was a friend of the FRF. The 16th of March 1792, the king attended a masquerade in Stockholm, despite having been warned about that a murder was planned.

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