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I was just thinking it would be cool if R* would return the swingset that launches people and vehicles from GTA 4 in GTA 5 and Online for a week on every anniversary of release of GTA 4,kind of like a tribute to GTA 4.They could also return the sniping the Moon to change its size between every 22 October and 27 October(GTA 3 was released in 22 October,GTA VC on 27 October and GTA SA on 26 October)as the tribute to the 3D universe games.What do you guys think about those ideas?
More jewelry options; rings,earrings for guys, piercings(septum,eyebrow,etc), stretched ears (would be cool if you had to wait to go bigger) and gloves. Improved spectating: Currently, you can only spectate if you join while the job is already underway. Improved character customization: First, get rid of the sh*tty character creator and let us create our character the way we want our character to look like.
Improved passive mode: while in Passive mode, you can't be damaged by other players and you can't damage them in any way.
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Avoid ‘Hey Rockstar!’ posts – please remember that the comments section is intended as a place for the Social Club community to discuss the news and content posted with one another; it is not a place to demand or expect official responses from Rockstar. Both male and females have Hightop sneakers, even though the females ones are based on Air Jordan 1, it wouldn't be too hard to change the sneakers and make them unisex.
GTA speculation Youtubers were just talking about the Vinewood Casino, Bahama Mamas and such vehicles as the Pfister Meteorite, but as soon as a DLC is announced, "Let's drop everything we know to just talk about the DLC!".
Sometimes I wish R* just shut down all the servers and publicly stated they were going to stop doing video games so youtubers would stop the speculation spam but that would only contribute to them speculating why and or if R* would return to games.
What could be better for your island vacation than a pair of Bermuda Blue Starfish Earrings.

The new blouse and high waisted pant suit look a lot better without the suspendeders in my opinion.
I think 35 year old britbongs shouldn't be in charge of designing clothes for a game that takes place in 2010's America. I would love folded bandanas,something like the one Clay had in SOA.Hopefully R* will release them in Lowriders 3 (if they make it which I hope they do,I would like Tornado, Peyote, Emperor, Manana, Virgo and Marbelle from 4 as lowriders) or in some biker themed DLC. Kinda sucks no friend is available to take pics of some outfits through snapmatic so had to use the Steam screenshots instead. I think lowriders 1 included better clothing but i'm still waiting for that tornado lowriderThis doesn't suit white people! It would be nice if they could patch those options and give a little more customization available.
You should be able to body color the carbon fiber sections like you can with the Turismo's roof. Hot-dog stands and restaurants could be used to replenish health, while clubs could be used to party and get drunk. This includes wildlife such as deer, but also sharks in the water that can be hostile to the players.
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If the article is about apples, and your comment is “what about oranges?” – you should expect your comment to be removed. I personally think the Comet is very fast when you modify it, but I'm aching to see one based on the new 991 GT3.
There doesn't need to be a ton of them and taking a closer look, all they have to do now is one more. It's a real shame as the content is there, everyone just has to sift through the formatting and layout.

It would be nice to wage ware against the various gangs over property or parts of Los Santos. You might even be able to pull this of with Golf or even Heists, but I see why this could give potential trouble.
Also add the scuba diving suit to the game so we can fully explore the underwater world with our friends. If you are a probationary commenter, generally you can expect that if your comment is on-topic, respectful, coherent and doesn’t violate any of our other Code of Conduct rules, it should appear within one business day’s time. Live out the rest of your years comfortably but inconspicuously with an understated and respectable lifestyle?
What about a katana a proximity mine a saw off shotgun a tennis racket & dramatic weather changes.
Check out our full terms of service here but especially mind these very important golden rules:Anyone posting links to or discussing supposed "leaks" about our games here on our own site will have their commenting privileges suspended indefinitely. They've already done the Enzo, the CCX, the Veyron, the LaFerrari (Turismo R & Osiris), the Huayra, the NSX, the Veneno, and the P1 (Turismo R as well).
Rockstar loves to take the piss out of the American culture, plastic surgery could be one of them. To the victor go the spoils - and for those whose Online Heists profits are burning a raging hole in their pockets, get ready to properly ball out and become the envy of all your Snapmatic followers by flaunting your hard-earned gull-wing doored supercars, ostentatious designer vehicle wraps, solid gold aircraft and so much more. To get the update, just start up GTAV from your online-connected console and follow the update prompts on screen.

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