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Sound is transmitted via the eardrum through the middle and inner ear by the small bones into the cochlea.
The cochlea is filled with fluid which transmits the vibrations to the auditory nerve via small hairlike structures. I remember seeing Ted Nugent when I was in high school, the next day the teacher wasn't able to get my attention--my hearing was still off. One of my friends got me off the hook by mentioning to the teacher where I'd been the previous night. If we are to believe the content of this ad, Nugent was easily putting out well over 1000 watts of raw volume from his guitar -- a Gibson Byrdland hollowbody jazz guitar no less, stuffed with foam to dampen ensuing feedback.
Ol' Ted said he performed with a earplug in only one ear to protect that ear that was facing his amplifiers.

And Dennis, this post is not an invitation for a snide comment or personal attack, I know I've been a jackass. Open Mobile and check speaker points with a meter if they do not show continuty then speaker is dead and if they show a good value chak speaker attachement prints on board do they have value also then change speaker with new one.if speaker changing can not solve this issue check all these parts and track that used in speaker function in Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo. For more information and new tips and tricks about this problem solution keep visiting this page we will update it if there will be new updates.some related post are also given below you can read more about mobile phone.
Ringing (tinnitus) occurs when the hair cells become damaged and cause the nerve to send false signals to the brain. Bands were competing for decibel records at their live concerts and tinnitus sounded like something one got from eating a tainted can of Spam.
I already have what may very well be permanent tinnitus, I'd have to take a pair of ear plugs to school and stop listening to music in earbuds for a month or two to find out, I can still hear well, so I can save myself.

When I was in the hospital and had a hole drilled into my head to release intercranial pressure I had no tinnitus for the first time in 20 years.
I lost my ear plugs and after the shoot was over it sounded like i had blown speakers in my ears.

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