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Thanks to their green luster and opaque color, jade stones are popular among both jewelry enthusiasts and mineral collectors. Jewelry and gemstone enthusiasts who are interested in buying jade stones should be aware that different types and grades of jade demand different prices on the open market.
Type C stones have been treated with artificial colors that can cause the stone to become brittle. Instead of being faceted like other cuts, cabochon jade stones are shaped and smoothed to a high sheen. Antique carved pieces and Type A carved pieces are particularly desirable when in the market for carved jade stones, pendants, and jewelry pieces.
Gemstone enthusiasts and gift buyers who want to purchase striking jade stones on eBay should navigate to the Loose Gemstones page and choose jade from the left-hand side menu bar. Long considered one of the world's most beautiful stones, jade is still popular with fashion enthusiasts and rock collectors today. As much as the Nike Lil Penny Posite owes to the history of Foams and Penny sneakers at large, they aren’t content with merely riffing off already established colorways from that line.

Shoppers who are interested in buying jade stones will find both collector's specimens and stones ready to be mounted in jewelry offered by sellers online or in local stores. For jade, type designations provide information not only about the visual appeal of the stone but also about whether or not it has been treated with chemicals or heat to enhance its color. Holes left in the stones are filled with resin, and then the stones are covered in lacquer. Shoppers who want to buy jade stones to mount in jewelry pieces will need to pay particular attention to cut. Cabochons can be bought in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most feature a raised, pillow-like face with soft sides that curve down to the stone's bottom edge. Hailing primarily from Myanmar and British Columbia, these brilliant green stones come in a variety of shades, making each specimen unique. Mineral collectors who want top-shelf specimens should avoid buying anything but Type A jade. In general, it is best to buy stones that are already suitable for a setting instead of recutting a stone; doing so can cause the stone to crack or break.

Those who simply want a striking piece of jewelry can pick stones based primarily on appearance instead of grade. Most sellers place information about the stone's grade directly in the item headline or in the item description. However, if this information isn't listed, be sure to clarify with the seller before buying. When shopping for stones, it's important to ask the buyer questions about the stone's original purchase date and purchase price.
Ask if there is any documentation accompanying the stone that indicates its pedigree and value.

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