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As an international company operating in the business of ear piercing, our reputation for high standards is crucial to our business success.We continually strive to provide products that best service the beauty industry offering quality products at affordable prices to our customers.
Caflon Ltd have been manufacturers and suppliers of ear piercing equipment for over 40 yearsWe are now pleased to add a range of Fashion Earrings to our portfolio, enabling your business to retail a high quality, inexpensive piece of jewellery. Assuring you receive the very best attention in an ear piercing supplier.Caflon has over 30 years of experience in providing the safest systems for the piercing of ears. 20 in PLOS One, Cornell biomedical engineers and Weill Cornell Medical College physicians described how 3-D printing and injectable gels made of living cells can fashion ears that are practically identical to a human ear. We have a range of different ear piercing guns available, our most popular include;Caflon Blu – An ear piercing instrument designed to meet all the requirements of the British Health Authority.

Caflon Gold ear piercing products is a world wide best seller.Safetec Gold – A sterile disposable cartridge system with fully encapsulated piercing ear studs. There is a range of ear studs available in a choice of 9ct gold, 18ct gold, gold plate 24ct, titanium and new white stainless steel. The printer takes instructions from a file built from 3-D photographs of human ears taken with a scanner in Rhodes Hall.They injected the mold with collagen derived from rat tails, and then added 250 million cartilage cells from the ears of cows. This Cornell-developed, high-density gel is similar to the consistency of Jell-O when the mold is removed. We trim the ear and then let it culture for several days in nourishing cell culture media before it is implanted.”The incidence of microtia, which is when the external ear is not fully developed, varies from almost 1 to more than 4 per 10,000 births each year.

Many children born with microtia have an intact inner ear, but experience hearing loss due to the missing external structure.Bonassar and Spector have been collaborating on bioengineered human replacement parts since 2007.
At that age, ears are 80 percent of their adult size.If all future safety and efficacy tests work out, it might be possible to try the first human implant of a Cornell bioengineered ear in as little as three years, Spector said.

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