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Jewelry brand RubyRobin offers a unique design of jewelry composed of real flowers enclosed in mini glass orbs. German artists Johannes Brunner and Raimund Ritz introduces giant slides inside Technische Universitat in Munich, Germany. Here is one great treat for swimming advocates who happens to love drinking coffee as well. A fantastic initiative in the midst of Chicago is this lush rooftop garden atop its 11-storey City Hall.
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Casper Roos has issued 4 prints of the Golden Earring Record Research Report, which is over 220 pages in the 4th edition. H-032008Bibi Moet Plassen (Barry Hay)ISBN 90 00 03639 9 One track with stories for children with the voice of Barry Hay. Note that Bloody Buccaneers was the last vinyl album released by Golden Earring in the Netherlands.
I will now put the information on the Internet on this homepage and make the info available here again, but all info has to be converted to HTML.
This cd was enclosed with the book Bibi Moet Plassen which was written by Barry Hay's wife Sandra.

This will take time and webspace is limited so I will start with the Dutch discography and later on I will publish foreign issues. Due to the popular demand for vinyl records the Tits 'N Ass album was also released on vinyl.

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