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Another thing you can practice to learn English accent read books in English for at least 30 minutes every day. This will not only help you in pronunciation but also gives you a better presentation skills.
Other than that, you can also listen to the kind of mistakes that are usually common in reciting English words.
You can either get somebody who converse English to assist you, or you can even look out for audio pronunciation. We DO NOT host or upload any of the Book links or any other content that are available on this BLOG. Many people learning English language often do not pay any attention to their pronunciation.

To overcome the hurdle of mispronouncing one needs an English Expert or rather an English Guru.
There are people whose English accent is not very clear, and they do not have natural talent.
They need to learn to speak proper English, so they have no problems to speak the language.
If you stay with someone who speaks English very well, you can always monitor the movements of the mouth and try to emulate that person. These Books and other content are uploaded to the respective websites (FORUMS) by their User Communities from all over the World and NOT by us.
At OEG we provide simple personalized online one to one English speaking courses designed specifically to meet your needs.

Please Contact Us through E-Mail, if you feel that any Content including Videos on this BLOG are objectionable or violating your copyrights.
Students can discuss openly with their teachers during class or via email, without waiting for office hours.

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