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When your jaw joint (TMJ) is out-of-sync or working improperly, it causes an unbalanced bite. The over-worked muscles from an unbalanced bite can result in pain that will materialize in the form of migraines, headaches, ear-aches, neck pain, muscles tenderness, facial discomfort, a sore jaw and a multitude of other symptoms. You might feel like you are suffering alone as family and friends don’t understand and might even doubt the severity of your pain.
For some time now, (maybe even for years) you have suffered from severe, debilitating discomfort. You may be unaware of the destruction that is happening with your jaw joints, your teeth, and your spine.
We strive to balance your bite again, so that all your pain symptoms should decrease and often disappear. Langley TMJ dentist Dr Steven Hill is proudly serving the communities of Fraser Valley, Fort Langley, Surrey, White Rock, Abbotsford, BC, Canada.
Slant Tweezers - Coco's Professional Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezer - Create Perfectly Groomed Brows Guaranteed! Are you tired of tracking down those tiny tweezers every time you need to pluck a hair or get rid of a splinter? Our stainless steel tweezers are the tool you've been looking for - the tweezers you can stow away secure in the knowledge that when you need them, they'll be there, and they'll do the job the first time. And they're designed to fit just right no matter the size of your hand, so they're perfect for men and women, big and small. Whether it's glass, wood, or even a cactus, it's important to get those splinters out right away, and you won't find a more effective tool than this pair of professional-grade tweezers.

The stainless steel tip grabs and pulls from the root, so the hairs will come free far quicker and easier and with a minimum amount of discomfort.
As with all our products, we ship these tweezers to you with the guarantee that they'll do the job and do it well.
TMJ Symptoms like migraines, headaches, jaw, neck, shoulder, ear, eye or facial pain often have a DENTAL cause. It is like a ‘check engine’ light that pops up in your car; it’s telling you to stop and take notice. This uneven bite results in the muscles of your head, neck and jaws working extra-hard, basically over-compensating for the bad bite. If you knew that your current TMJ symptoms will lead to future bigger issues, doesn’t it make sense to take action NOW? Steven Hill and his team for a ONE HOUR TMJ CONSULTATION, we will discuss the cause of your TMJ problem(s) and possible solutions. Relief from migraines or headaches, eating and talking without mouth clicking, or jaw popping, less ear, face, jaw, or neck pain? Steven Hill provides Neuromuscular (TMJ) Dentistry to patients in Vancouver, Fort Langley, Fraser Valley, Surrey, White Rock and Abbotsford and has provided dental services for more than 25 years. With stainless steel construction, a comfortable no-slip finger grip, and a precisely calibrated, angled tip, there's no plucking problem they can't solve.
And since our design will keep them steady in your hand, you can rest assured that you won't miss your target at the last second.
And since these are sturdy without being bulky, you'll be able to maneuver them wherever they need to be to nab even the most stubborn protrusion.

Pain is an early warning sign that requires your attention before something more serious occurs. We are balancing muscle activity, joint position, tooth contact and posture using a very special piece of plastic called an Orthotic. Come in for a TMJ symptoms diagnosis, and let us show you how we provide effective non-surgical solutions to get help get rid of your TMJ pain. Hill for TMJ Treatment in Fraser Valley, Fort Langley, Surrey, White Rock, Abbotsford, BC, Canada. You have had a permanent headache for as long as you can remember and you can never find lasting relief.
And going through it on a daily basis is the foundation for a poor quality, less-than-mediocre life.
Perfectly aligned, hand-filed pointed slant tips for expert precision for your tweezing needs. Angled at 20 degrees - Never requires re-sharpening.SLANT TIP GRABS THE TINIEST HAIR: Don't you want longer period in between tweezing and regrowth? Whether you have an ingrown hair, eyebrows that need tweezing, ear & nose hair to pluck, you need a sharp & precise hair removal tool that won't tug at tender skin and will grip the smallest, ultra fine hair at the roots.PROFESSIONALLY CALIBRATED TO CATCH THE SMALLEST HAIRS: Do you have really fine hair that's been able to escape the eyebrow tweezers you've tried in the past?
Sharp large tip surface area grips the finest hairs, and cleanly pluck several at once without pulling your skin or breaking the hair at the roots.

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