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I must say though trimming the sheet metal to fit speed nuts was a pain with limited tools. Last night I drove up to my friends dorms and on my way there I noticed a rattle coming from the drivers side panel. Door deadened, it would have been better putting down one big sheet but this saved me time and daylight.
Understand I'm not telling you your choice was wrong I'm just saying in my experience the kickers and Polk won't compare to some other brands.
I'm getting a second one for a sub and wan the Polk logo facing forward and the speaker level inputs hidden. It got me irritated the whole rest of the night, my friend swore he couldn't notice it but I knew it was there.

I popped the connections back on, ran a remote to the second amp and it fired up like a charm.
I fired up the woofer and even without the tweeter it sounds much softer and cleaner than stock. My friend is running a focal set in his Jetta at the moment and his only complaint was that the OEM trim eventually started rattling. With my seating position and my doors being shorter the distance between the woofer and the tweeter is not as dramatic. I soldered and heatshrunk every connection and ran the speaker wire to under my drivers seat and left plenty of slack for future upgrades. This was due to at first a bad ground location, and also a black lead on the High Level Harness for my Polk amp.

If the problem persists it can be due to a bad ground, interference on the output speaker wire, and worst case scenario a bad amp. With the current crossover settings my worries of going 2 way instead of 3 way components have completely disappeared.
I'm planning on going Active with a Bit One in the distant future so the crossovers and the wires will be gone. I know some newer model BMW's with fiber optics require a cap on the power wire to stop ground noise.

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