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The new stretch still kinda hurts a little and feels warm, I was just wondering whether this is normal? Stretching puts tension on your skin and basically you're making a small wound that needs some time to heal. After stretching another size I usually kept it in for about a week before taking it out for proper cleaning.
It takes some time for the ear to adapt to the new size so the taper is worn and pushed a little further inside every day until the big end is in the earlobe, if that makes sense. As far as the use of tapers as jewelry is concerned, I had read negative stuff as well so I asked a professional piercer. Originally Posted by TheUglyBarnacle It takes some time for the ear to adapt to the new size so the taper is worn and pushed a little further inside every day until the big end is in the earlobe, if that makes sense.
Also, daily massages with oil or holey but'r are great to increase circulation and speed up healing as well as making sure the bottom part of your lobe gets sufficient circulation.
A slower way to stretch is using bondage tape or plumbers tape wrapped around the jewelry and slowly increase how much tape you put on the jewelry to increase the size of the hole.
Tapers are only bad to wear full time if they're quite large, as the distribute pressure unevenly across the ear lobe and cause a blow out. I took mine out because it bled and I heard that that was a bad thing, so I'm gonna wait a couple of weeks for it to heal with a normal earing in, then try again and perhaps not push it in as far..
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I only took maybe one day a week to sleep without them in so my lobes would get decent circulation, and the plugs would fit right back into place (so they didn't shrink at all).
I had done it succesfully two times, so I was confident that my ear could take it, and the third time it started bleeding so much that I had to downsize before stretching again. When you twist the plug while your ear isn't healed yet you keep opening that 'wound' and it doesn't get the chance to heal. After a week it should be healed a fair bit so you can be sure that you don't damage anything by accident. Then it should be left there for as long as it takes to heal so that you can downsize instantly, in case the need arises, without having to go down more than 1 or 2 mm. There is always a risk of the taper getting caught on something and possibly pulled on and damaging your ear. I think it's fine when my stretch is literally so tiny, the variation in weight is hardly anything. And also should I take it out and clean it, or try and twizzle it like you do with new piercings to prevent the skin heling to the taper? I usually soak my ears in sea-salt water and used antibacterial soap on my plugs before putting them in which won't cause an infection and helps with irritation. Never use silicones or organic materials like wood in a fresh stretch cause they can get stuck to your ear during the healing. And even though it seems like it's healed after a week, I do recommend to wait ± a month before stretching to the next size.

I could't switch the taper to something else because there was nothing my size in any of the shops in my town so I kept it. But, acrylic, some types of glass, silicone, and organic plugs run the risk of your skin attaching itself to the materiel of the plug or tunnel.
Tape is normally used when stretching the bigger sizes but I found it made it a lot easier to stretch and with no pain at all, unlike the tapers. I definitely would recommend that you don't sleep with tapers in your ear(s) since tapers tend to deform the stretch, so I would go with actual jewelry such as plugs, but I suppose tapers are okay for the beginning week or two.
You don't want to hurry it and skip sizes, or stretch while it's not healed and mess up everything. It's always better to wear plugs after the ear has healed but in my experience wearing a taper instead is not all it's made out to be.
A lot of people also do sea salt soaks, but just be aware when doing the soaks a lot that your ear can get too dried out.

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