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The wavelength of the natural radiation disturbed in this way becomes harmful to living organisms. Nowadays people may live in the same building for many years and their exposure to a particular form of negative energy or environment pollution could last a long time that can cause discomfort and ill health in human beings.
Evidently, Vastu is akin to the Science of Geopathy, the a€?Study of the Diseases linked to the Eartha€™.
We usually sleep for about seven to eight hours in the same spot, or sit at work for more than eight hours in the same spot, and if that is what is called aA Geopathically Stressed Zone, some problem will eventually arise because of that.
The Earth has a natural magnetic field; it acts as though it has a large magnet at its center. It is already scientifically proved that Earth is gridded with electromagnetic Earth currents from the Earth called telluric lines. The Curry Grid runs diagonal to the Hartmann Grid, running from North-West to South-East, South-West to North-East, and one grid lies on top of the other. Ley lines are apparent alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths that are thought by certain adherents to a€?Dowsinga€™ and a€?New Age Beliefsa€™, to have spiritual power. Every electrical installation is grounded; every building, every transformer, roughly every electric pole along the road is grounded.
Natural disturbances to the Eartha€™s magnetic field include geological faults, underground ore masses and underground water, particularly running water. Sleeping in a Geopathic Stress is very stressful, as a large area of your body is exposed to the Geopathic Stress.
During sleep, your brain is occupied in creating your new cells, giving the right signals for your body to operate properly and absorb the correct level of vitamins and minerals together with adjusting hormone balance. Geopathic Stress acts differently upon different people, so no one list is going to be definitive for everyone. Persistent low-level illness, chronic body pains, headaches, sudden signs of physical aging, irritability, behavioral problem.
A history of serious disease (especially cancer, paralysis, etc.,) or death in the home over the lifetime of the building.
Severe headaches and cause not known, sleep disorders, grinding of teeth, nightmares, feel like running away from house, lifeA  and organ damaging diseases, confusions and loss of memory.
You are restless in the sleep or you do not have a sound sleep at home but when you change your sleeping place or when you go out on your holidays you experience a very good sleep. Persistent bedwetting in children, tense or crying babies (they are more sensitive than a€?grown upsa€™). Piles of rubbish, cracks in glass, brick and plasterwork, recurring mechanical and electrical breakdowns, water leaks, derelict areas, and accident black spots both within the home and outside. Fruit and vegetables, grain, ale, cheese, jam; wine and photographic film will all spoil quickly when stored on a Geopathic Stress. Sick building syndrome is generally rooted in the presence of Geopathic Stress under the property. A a€?Paranormala€™ activities, feeling presence of unknown, bed screaming, frightful appearance. Environmental aggression: it is mainly caused to the presence of an object, place, person, living being, pollution around or anything around which is resonating in a detrimental manner.
Bad neighbor syndrome can frequently be traced to a Geopathic Stress flowing from aggressor to victim. History of the previous occupants suffering from longterm illness, financial loss or prone to tragedies. Having a greater need to urinate when in this place particularly relevant to people with urinary problems. Insects, parasites, bacteria and viruses also thrive on Geopathic Stress, and ants, bees and waspsa€™ nests invariably provide a similar clue.
Lightning-struck trees dead or stunted gaps in hedges and avenues of trees, infertile fruit trees, cankers, and strangely twisted trees.
Fruit trees are the most sensitive, while oaks, redwoods and ashes are more resilient, and elders seem to be positively attracted.
Vegetable gardens will reveal stunted or mutated growth, especially along the Geopathic Stress. Ivy, bindweed, nettles, docks, thistles, foxgloves, ferns and nightshades are naturally attracted. Correcting Geopathic disturbances is not always difficult and complicated, although sometimes it can be. Sometimes peoplea€™s health and well-being improves dramatically from this one simple measure.
Different types of energies need to be corrected in different ways, in one case, reflecting energy may be appropriate, in another it may be appropriate to block it. Ancient texts written by Vishwakarma, Varahamithra refer to Building Biology as an interplay of divine energies. Vastu knowledge has a vast base of remedial Vastu techniques to remove all kinds of faults and shortcomings at the land, property or its interior arrangements as well as the environment. Your home, its non-Vastu compliant architecture, may damage inhabitantsa€™ health; contaminate the air you breathe and the water you drink, without your being aware of it. Geopathic Stress synonymous with the Vastu Defects can be minimized using very effective tools having proven powers of reflecting or refracting or bouncing, absorbing and blocking the negative energies at a particular place or structure. If you think of the earth as a giant electro-magnet, GS occurs when waves of radiation seep from the earth’s core and bisect other natural electromagnetic phenomena such as swift flowing underground streams, mineral concentrations or fault lines. The negative earth rays become harmful as they rise up through buildings affecting the body’s natural biorhythm and causing sick building syndrome. Our products are a range of scientifically proven devices which neutralise GS and combat the detrimental effects of man-made Electro Stress (ES) to revitalise your surroundings. My brother, in his late teens, had contracted diabetes and was so weak he could not go to work.
To remedy the Geopathic Stress there was created a sophisticated wiring system around the house to dissipate the health disturbing rays around the outside of the house instead of through the house, which immediately gave relief to the occupants, especially for those who were unlucky enough to sleep in the energy-draining 'black sports' of Geopathic Stress.
After three months the diabetes had completely disappeared by sleeping in a healthy environment and at the same time to take alternative medicine to boost his pancreas. It emerged through many thousands of cases from around the world proved that Geopathic Stress didn't just cause diabetes, but also many other diseases, by seriously degrading the immune system and disturbing sleeping patterns - in the long-term then causing serious illness. He researched the importance of a good energetic environment and how this could have massive effect on one's vitality, sleeping patterns, immune system, healthy blood, detoxification of waste products, personal energy levels, ability to absorb vitamins and minerals, plus many other effects. Over the years of manufacturing and further developing Geomack products, it became more and more apparent how Electromagnetic Pollution was effecting people's well-being and health. Continuous development has continued over the years to give a larger margin of safety in protection against Geopathic Stress and to ever increase the protection against Electro Stress, as our urban environments are being further and further filled with harmful telecommunication networks.
The 'telltale signs' of Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Stress, is associated with 'sleeping long' and 'waking tired', or not being able to sleep at all. This can lead to ill health, a lack of tolerance for others and general feelings of depression. Babies and children in such houses may not sleep, so causing problems both for themselves and for their parents.
Of course, the sceptic will say that a lot of people feel tired and irritable a lot of the time, but affected individuals will report that they sleep far better and are less tired once the Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress energies have been combated. Safeguard your health from the man-made 'Electromagnetic-Ocean' that modern society is 'swimming in' - Let us help you to help yourself - Order Geomack now.
Clear evidence of the efficiency of a 'Geomack environment' can be seen by just comparing the live blood analysis pictures from any Geomack customer before and after utilising the benefits of Geomack products.

When a human body is exposed to a Geopathic Stress or Electromagnetic Stress environment the red blood cells stick together in long chains and become very inefficient in their oxygen carrying capacity and are more likely to get blocked in the bloodstream.
The situation is reversed when Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Stress have been treated by the Geomack products present.
Every health practitioner who uses live blood analysis and Geomack products finds exactly the same pattern with every patient who has Geopathic Stress or Electromagnetic Stress and then installs a Geomack in their home. Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !! If we are carefully observing NATURE, we will see growth problems in vegetation (trees, shrubs, etc.) and animals not staying in certain places. Leading SA, since 1993, with a totally new and unique way (for RSA) for approaching ILLNESSES caused by various ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS, which are breaking down and degrading the respective body parts, down to the cellular level and even affecting the DNA.
These problems can cause single and even double strand breaks in the double helix of the DNA, which can no longer be corrected thereafter. We have to GET BACK TO NATURE: By observing NATURE and acting accordingly one can stay out of problem zones causing serious illnesses, like chronic, cancer and others. Our hectic and stressful lifestyles just do not seem to leave enough room (and time) to look at nature for answers.
If you continue doing the same you have always been doing, you will be getting the same results! Just by LOOKING AT NATURE one can already pick-up abnormalities also linked to your HEALTH, by acting on it > you can change your state of health.
Please do not forget Environmental Health, after all it was Gustav Freiherr von Pohl who found the missing link between cancer and sleeping positions already over 83 years ago, with his startling investigation in Vilsbiburg Germany, in Dec. Geopathic stress concerns energetic fields from the earth becoming distorted by underground streams and other geological features creating zones of disturbed, unhealthy energy. Unfortunately as of this moment there are no instruments to directly measure it so to the general scientific community it, therefore, does not exist.
If it is down to us to identify, then we are in the world of the subjective and pretty much off the official main-stream reservation. If you live in Austria or Germany there is a fair chance that this might still be the case as there has been some modern-day research done to statistically relate bed position to illness and, as a consequence, there is more general awareness of geopathic stress. Later he returned to Vilsbiburg where another 11 had died of cancer and all had slept over geopathic stress lines.. We learned about geopathic stress when we went to visit a local dowser  (Albino Gola, since deceased) who tested and confirmed the efficacy of our products to produce a protective zone against this condition.
Animal behaviour: Ants, wasps, bees and cats (believe it or not) are attracted to geopathic stress. Springs or wells nearby can be an indicator of increased probability of geopathic stress being present.
If you can't move then consider getting a wooden bed with natural latex mattress (or other natural materials) as metal can act as an antenna and increase the effect. If you are aware of the problem in that you or a family member can feel the effects of geopathic stress, then you will know when you have a solution. Geopathic stress is a very involved subject and people have created whole websites on this subject alone.
Standard Disclaimer: None of the information or products on this site are a substitute for medical advice or treatment. A kind of Negative Energy in the form of High Frequency dangerous Electromagnetic Radiation, emanating from earth and hitting the persons above, is called Geopathic.Stress.
Geopathic Stress has been found to be the common cause for many health imbalances and long term illness and ultimately leading to Cancer. Geopathic Stress does not cause an illness, but lowers your immune system, so you have less chance of fighting any illness. We have developed a very easy, non invasive and a permanent solution to this Life threatening problem – Geopathic Stress Neutralizer Pad, which is proved to provide relief in minutes from this dreaded threat to Life! The most understood factors disturbing is Geopathy Stress, E-Smog, and Electro-magnetic Radiations. Man-made disturbances in the Eartha€™s magnetic field include mining, foundations for tall buildings, underground transport systems and public utilities (sewage, water and so on).
Geopathic energies pass through walls, windows and closed doors and they do not recognize boundaries.
This Zone can be created by the disturbance because of water veins, fault zones or areas of geomagnetic disturbance because of this health hazards observed over many centuries in dwellings previously built on such sites.
The rotation of the Earth creates electric currents in the molten metals found within the Eartha€™s core, thereby producing a magnetic field.
Their existence was suggested in 1921 by the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins, in his book The Old Straight Track. They may be localized and do not form a network in the same way as Hartmann and Curry lines. Since everything is grounded, it causes a certain amount of electricity to go into the soil. Earthquakes and running underground water can slowly erode rock and have a destabilizing effect. If you suspect that, you may have Geopathic Stress in your home or work place get it checked immediately. It is not a good idea to place the bed or desk where a cat likes to sleep a spot favored by a dog is a much better place.
It is vitally important, that whatever method is used, the undesirable energies are not reflected to affect someone else. We all care about our homes and spend time, effort, and money to make them more comfortable. Similarly, at work places, environmental stress contributes to overall strain, preventing one from reaching onea€™s full potential. These are of various kinds and can be broadly classified into (1) Geopathic Stress, (2) Negative Infrared Radiation, and (3) Negative Ultraviolet Radiation.
Vastu Tools and Technologies, Methods and Products which not only protect your health, wealth and the world around you, but actually enhance the spiritual, emotional, and mental quality of your daily experience.
Unfortunately, there are some natural effects which can be extremely harmful to the immune system and over which we have no control, such as Geopathic Stress (GS).
The impact on health can be dramatic ranging from insomnia and irritability to serious psychological and physical illness. They are elegant, cost effective and simple to install and probably the best single lifetime investment you can make in your health and well-being.
The wiring system was regularly maintained by the dowser to be at optimum efficiency at all times. The doctors were totally shocked about the recovery as he had not been given any pharmaceuticals. The eyes had been opened to the power of earth energies and how one could rectify them, thus improving the health and well-being of untold millions of people on Earth.
All proved to reduce the Geopathic effect of the water streams, but to differing degrees and they all proved temporary if not maintained at very regular intervals and parts often replaced.
Initially this was mainly from living near to electricity pylons and substations and later included telecommunication masts (GSM, UMTS, WiFi, WiMAX etc.). In this situation arguments with loved ones ensue and life can become more and more difficult. They will often attempt to avoid sleeping in a GS area or ES area, if they can, and may be found in the morning scrunched up on one side or at one end of their bed.

The blood picture will show individual free flowing sparkling blood cells fully functional and independently carrying life enhancing energies and oxygen throughout the bloodstream. Yet the humans do not to seem to be as clever as the animals and plants that are looking to get away from such problem zones (Geopathic Zones). With this disclaimer behind us, and if you are ready to move into the realms of the informed opinion of qualified people, then please read on.
We all produce cancerous cells on a regular basis, but they are continuously destroyed by our body's immune system.
He did not know the town and the operation was strictly supervised by council officials and the Police, so that nobody could communicate information that might influence his findings.
To the amazement of those present every single person who had died of cancer had slept for some time in a bed exactly over the mapped geopathic stress lines.
Take advantage of our no-quibble 30 day money-back guarantee to try our energetic solution. Previously, I was routinely having to pay up to ?100 a time to get my home dowsed and for the Earth Acupuncture procedure to control the negative energies about my property. We recommend you research further if you have any concerns that geopathic stress is affecting you and your family.
The highly harmful Geopathic Stress develops wherever a structure is built above underground water streams, caverns, geological faults, mineral and oil deposits and strikes the person sleeping above these Geopathic Stress lines or crossings inside the house. Geopathic stress created by radiations and waves makes a building sick, which is also called a€?Sick Building Syndromea€™ in technical term, as explained above.
A good Vastu, Feng Shui expert or a Geomancer can understand better how to deal with Geopathic Stress.
Vastu Shastra has also identified them as per deficiency of any element out of the Five Elements (a€?Panchbhootasa€™).
The believers in Ley lines think that the lines and their intersection points resonate a special psychic or mystical energy. This could be similar in nature to the a€?negative energya€™ of ancient Indian architectural science a€?Vastu Shastraa€™ and also the a€?shaa€™, or deadly energy lines of Chinese a€?Feng-Shuia€™.
So where two water veins intersect or where water intersects with the Curry is a very dangerous place to be sleeping. We usually measure what goes into the atmosphere and how it affects human health, but whatever goes into the air is not the most serious problem but yes, it is a problem. Natural radiations that rise up through the Earth are distorted by week electro-magnetic fields crested by subterranean running water creating mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. During sleep, your brain is supposed to rest half the time and is busy healing your body the other half. If a person's body contains these energies then it means that this person has picked up these energies from either his house or his office where he is exposed for a long time. You accomplish this by literally living in harmony with Earth Energy, Global Energy A and Cosmic Energy.
Some of the tools include Vedic a€?Yantrasa€™, different specialized Pyramids, Crystals and chanting of the Vedic a€?Mantrasa€™. Increasingly we are also surrounded by harmful man-made Electromagnetic fields causing Electromagnetic Stress (ES).
Earth rays (underground water streams) causing Geopathic Stress were located underneath my brother's bed and were diagnosed to be causing the diabetes. My Father then started to conceive of product that could be created that would give a permanent cure to Geopathically Stressed houses.
These new environmental pollutants were such powerful factors in people's health and the energetic environment that people lived in that a feature within Geomack products to combat their effects became necessary. Unfortunately as we become older we become less aware of the problem and generally do not instinctively move away from it.
Even jobs centred on one place, for instance at a desk or workbench, generally involve moving away from time to time. Ascribing such characteristics to Ley lines has led to the term being classified as pseudoscience. They can be curved, straight, at ground level or higher, even found in the upper levels of buildings. The wavelength of the natural radiation disturbed in this way becomes harmful to living organisms. However, if you are sleeping on Gepopathic Stress, during sleep, your brain has to spend all of its time working due to the strain of Geopathic Stress and you wake up tired.
All these body functions will usually become normal very quickly after Geopathic Stress has cleared out of your system.
Our ancient people knew of these Earth energies and their powerful influence on people and they knew how to balance these energies. Specifically programmed crystals around the house, some may be buried in the ground, and this starts the grid lines swirling and mixing. These would later become the first Geomacks - a product to install in the home or workplace that totally cancelled out the harmful earth radiation (Geopathic Stress). In bed, by contrast, we stay in precisely the same spot for six, seven or eight hours in one stretch.
And all this having made just one payment whereas before, I was shelling out so much on dowsing operations. The impact of sleeping on Geopathic Stress is low immunity, which manifests in some diseases. Over the years he has visited and tested over 1000 homes to further develop the unique Geomack Energetic Vitalising Technology that is inside every Geomack product. This is the only time when the body can completely switch off, recharge, heal and re-build itself. Geopathic Stress is the term used for natural or man-made energies emanating from the Earth and which are detrimental to human health. If you are sleeping over the Hartmann crossings, it may generally be the cause of less serious diseases such as arthritis.
Deflectors are designed to redirect the path of destructive energy away from the building such as mirrors (Be careful while placing deflectors it can send destructive energy to Neighboring house and harm the occupants). Geopathic Stress is the name given to the effect on your body of harmful Earth radiation.
Bouncers are designed to bounce the effect of harmful structures away from the building.A  (A bouncer includes a€“ coil springs, a baseball bat or boxing gloves pictures of these objects). Geopathic Stress, or harmful Earth rays, or geo-stress, or electro-stress can result from natural radiation which rises up through the Earth and is distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean (underground) running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. Blockers are designed to stop an incoming destructive effect and prevent it from enteringA  Windows with permanent shutters are the most common kind of blocker. This far north of the equator, the lines of the Hartmann grid are only 12 feet apart, which means they are not very far apart, and some will be found underneath your home. Closer to the equator, they are about 17 feet apart, and they are wider and much less intense. These lines are actually rays projecting straight up from the ground, and it does not matter whether you are on the first floor or the fortieth floor because these lines can be 50 km upward to the sky.

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