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The band was started in 1961 by Kooymans, and outside of America the band has had a long string of successful hits over their 5 decade career (near 40 with the same current line up), all the way into the new millennium. Golden Earring has recorded 24 studio albums, and they are currently set to record their 25th which will be recorded at London Abbey Road Studio.
You might be surpised to know that on that strength of “Radar Love” alone, Golden Earring headlined the U.S. Of the hundreds of live and studio covers of the band’s trademark song, the most notable is probably that of 80?s hair metal band, White Lion. Released on the Dutch band’s 1973 Moontan album, the song was an international hit, and to date has been covered by over 500 artists. Well, in an era before cellphones, PDAs, Blackberrys, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, it was a song of intangible connection.

How long will it last this time?Kylie Jenner split with Tyga allegedly for real this time and the breakup has left her feeling very sick. Yet, most casual rock listeners couldn’t tell you the name of the band, and fewer still know the meaning of the song. Penned by vocalist Barry Hay and guitarist George Kooymans, ‘Radar Love” is considered the band’s singular hit. The song talks of a signal transmitted to a lover, a connection of heart, soul and mind, without physical boundaries and limitations.
The most recent studio cover goes to Austin, Texas rock trioAdrian and the Sickness, who recorded a very direct, stripped down version for their 2009, Kathy Valentine (GoGos) produced BFD.
Yet, even here in America, the band struck gold again in 1982 with the monster hit, “Twilight Zone”, which exploded in the early days of MTV.

But it got me thinking, of all the bands that have covered this classic rocker, there is perhaps one band for whom it is most suited, who could surely do it epic justice.
The idea that they are a one hit wonder stems more from the seemingly annonymous nature of the band.
And let’s face it, there was probably a fair amount of mind altering recreational activity involved as well. A search of peer-to-peer and torrent downloading sites show people habitually attributing the song to other high profile artists, rather than Golden Earring.

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