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Earrings are one of the most preferred accessories among girls, even those who are not interested in decking themselves up too much.
Once you are able to crochet with ease, try your hands at these vibrant fan-shaped earrings. Being quite suitable for beginner crocheters, you can make a pair in each color to match them with your favorite outfits.
The easy steps mentioned in the tutorial will help you make this pretty earring in blue and purple. The crescent-shaped design of these earrings with a bead at the center is classy indeed, surely adding a difference to your look. Check out this unique style of earring made of golden thread; a perfect option for gifting your friend to make her feel special. To create these beautiful flowers, you will need a certain level of expertise in the art of crocheting. Well, so here you have a complete collection of colorful earrings to be your companion to any occasion. Seed beads are great for making classy, lightweight accessories, with earrings being one of the most common jewelry projects worked with them.
A gorgeous pair of dark blue earrings, it is pretty difficult to believe that you can actually make them yourself at home. The use of so many colorful beads enables you to match this pair of loop styled earrings with any colored attire, from red-yellow to blue-white.

A simple yet stunning design, worked with black and white seed beads combined with golden beads at the end, you can try this pattern with bright colorful beads for a more striking effect.
Another pattern for a beautiful pair of hoop earrings, these make nice customized gifts for young girls as well as women on any occasion.
Seed beads are perfect for dangling tassel styled earrings, with the following pattern being a fine example. Traditional Native American designs have always been a great inspiration for colorful beading patterns, with seed bead earrings being no exception. Worked with different shades of blue seed beads, combined with a few white and golden ones, this pattern has kind of an ombre effect, making the earrings look even more stylish.
One of the simplest patterns available for seed bead earrings, this one is ideal beginners as well as kids; however, the latter may need adult supervision.
The single row of black beads in the middle of the pattern makes even catchier, contrasting with the white ones.
For this one you will need three different sized hoops, so you can arrange them in an ascending order after beading with colorful seed beads. Hi there I hardly ever make earring but I relly like the beading aroun the circle earrings. If you have just started learning the art of crocheting, try your hands at making colorful and innovative earrings for yourself for everyday use as well as special occasions. If you plan to crochet a similar design for your little girl, blend red and orange together to get a lively look.

You can attach a matching colored bead in the hole to make your ring look unique and classy.
You can crochet just a big flower with a bead in the middle if you find making all the three circles a little difficult.
Make good use of the lazy summer months or weekends in learning this creative crochet handiwork.
The colorful solid or transparent beads are suitable for all sorts of beading techniques including peyote and brick stitches, as well as simple stringing and braiding designs.
However, there is nothing to worry about if you don’t really know how to work the brick stitch beading as the pattern includes detailed step by step instructions. No more visiting the shopping mall every time you need a pair of earrings to go with a new dress.
Here are some attractive seed bead earring patterns with detailed step by step instructions.
You may as well go the whole way and make matching bracelets and necklaces with colorful seed beads to have a complete jewelry set.

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