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The 44-year-old artist also hails mother-to-be Adele as someone capable of changing the world. Adele is in complete awe of Beyonce's new album Lemonade, confessing she worships the R&B superstar.
Adele has promised a full investigation into an incident that left a fan injured at her concert in Glasgow, Scotland.
Adele's baby ultrasound photo is among a number of personal snaps stolen by a hacker and posted online.
Adele has been confirmed as the third and final headliner at the 2016 Glastonbury festival. Adele’s public supports for Kesha sends a message to other female artists, it's been claimed. Adele wowed fans in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Monday (29Feb16) as she kicked off her first tour in five years.
So while it was definitely more comfy for me to be watching Glastonbury unfold sat on my sofa, it wasn’t just the inclement weather that kept the FOMO at bay. I’m not old enough to go full-on nostalgic with you, but I can remember when Glastonbury would occasionally roll the dice a bit and use the headline slots to help launch a bands career. It’s easy to look back in hindsight and say that Oasis, Radiohead and Coldplay were all destined to become huge stars anyway, but they were surely helped along the way by Glastonbury taking a punt on them before anyone else did.
The late, great John Peel used to annoy me slightly when he was sat in the custom-built BBC studio in his shorts and his wellies, gushing about how great a time he was having and all the madcap people he was meeting. The current crop of BBC presenters have no such redeeming features, and their little pieces-to-camera throughout the weekend were just appallingly, nauseatingly bad.
It’s no secret that the average age of Glastonbury-goers has been rising over the last few years – which is probably due to rising ticket costs and the fact they tend to opt for 40 year old headline acts (average age of Arcade Fire, Metallica and Kasabian?

It’s a worrying trend that is in danger of dragging Glastonbury down to the level of the commercial festivals. June 4, 2013 by Meme 3 Comments Black beans, garbanzo beans, and white beans make up this salad that’s perfect as a side dish, dip, or topping.
I also wanted to post this recipe yesterday, but on Sunday night at 9:50 {just 10 minutes shy of my bedtime} my hot water heater started making this very strange noise.
Being the overly-dramatic cautious person that I am, I naturally thought I was going to blow up.
As I was going over the top 5 things I would grab at that moment to escape my apartment with, I decided to go look at the hot water heater. Lo and behold that very strange noise was water leaking from the bottom of my 50 gallon hot water heater. Once I realized I probably wasn’t going to explode, I grabbed all my towels and threw them on the floor to help absorb the very hot water and picked up anything I really cared about that would get ruined. Then I called the people I live under to inform them that my apartment was currently being flooded by a sea of hot water.
We turned off the water for the whole house to stop the water from continuing to flow into the water heater.
I served this to my cousins over Memorial Day with some sauteed chicken {seasoned with cumin & chili powder} and some roasted veggies {my go-to easy veggie preparation}. Welcome to Living Well Kitchen, where I share my kitchen creations, wax poetic about fruits and vegetables, and ramble about my life as a twenty-something girl in The Big Easy.
Celine admits she would crumble if she got the chance to meet her idol and jokes she has no chance of playing it cool in front of her.
When Radiohead headlined in 1997 their third album, OK Computer, had only been out about a month.

But now that they only let the huge, globe-trotting, mega-bands anywhere near the headline slots, a certain spark has been lost.
That was palatable though, because it was John Peel and he did a lot for the festival and had a real passion for advancing and promoting new music. I don’t know why, but I hope it has nothing to do with the fact Guy Garvey was shown on a BBC broadcast sitting in a BBC trailer having a laugh with Jo Whiley and Fearne Cotton.
Proper, quality, exciting bands like Temples, Jagwar Ma, White Lies, The Internet, Public Service Broadcasting, Drenge, Wolf Alice and even the mighty Four Tet not only get pushed down the running order, they get denied the much-needed boost of some prime-time BBC exposure in favour of acts that are already all over the TV and radio. And after about 2 hours and over 40 trips filling up a small ice chest & draining it in my sink we had drained all the water from the tank. Most other bands of their stature get knocked about the bill a bit and will often find themselves playing earlier on The Other Stage or West Holts or whatever. Starting melodically forceful with “Rats In The Walls” – one of the top tracks of the record – TAD launches one excellent moment after another. The issue for me is that Glastonbury doesn’t seem to be taking any risks with the choice of headliners anymore.
And then there’s still “Nowheresville,” “Magnolia,” and “No Apologies” worth gushing over!

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