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Remember everyone's favorite hair length when you use numbered combs that make it easy each time you cut! Conair Mission Statement — Conair Corporation is an international consumer and professional products company focused on innovative and technologically advanced product development.
Compare the number-coded, easy-to-read chart with each numbered comb and get an accurate cut and save time, without having to fumble for those one-size combs.This easy-to-use clipper with stainless steel blades features a 5-position taper control for a total of 55 different accurate-length cuts.

Our vision is to continue to create the tools that improve the everyday lives of our customers all over the world.
Make sure to trim it with a heavy-duty motor trimmer at least once or twice a week and before you trim, comb it down to get rid of any tangles.
Neither you nor your friends will receive any additional e-mails from us as a result of using this tool.

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