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Dangers of a handclap: The human ear is incredibly sensitive, able to distinguish a wide range of sounds, from the gentle whisper of a breeze in the trees to the roar of a plane taking off SO HOW DANGEROUS ARE EVERYDAY SOUNDS?A  Here we estimate their decibels and suggest how close you would have to be for damage to occur.
A toy pistol being fired can cause a burst eardrumThe higher the decibels, the more likely it is that even a single episode could cause permanent damage.
Ear wax is natural and should be left to work itself out of the ear, says a university lecturer in audiologyBut, for some, ita€™s a lifelong condition.a€?Anything that upsets the auditory system can generate tinnitus,a€™ explains Professor Wright.
Tinnitus is a condition characterized by constant hissing, ringing or buzzing sensation in the ears. Not many people know that feet have a direct connection to the ears, nose, throat and even head. In case of tinnitus, you can get great relief by soaking your feet, first in hot water and then in cold water. When you chew dry fruits (like apricot, dates and raisins), it improves the blood circulation in the areas surrounding your ears, which helps in relieving the discomforts caused by tinnitus.
Wearing earplugs puts your ears at rest, which can be very beneficial in relieving the buzzing or hissing sounds in the ears.
Lie down in bed and put it in each ear while facing the ear upward, one by one, with a gap of 5 minutes. News: We open another RJAgency Branch at Tagbilaran Bohol ( beside Bureau of Immigration ) last March 2010 come to visit us! Family and friends like to gather around a bonfire and cook hot dogs and marshmallows on a stick. You may think that a winter bonfire is cold, but your winter clothes along with the heat from the bonfire will keep you toasty.
In the winter you can still find wood to burn, and once the fire gets going you can put wood on that has ice on it and watch the ice melt. Toss a pot of boiling water into the air on a cold winter day and it freezes in mid-air, creating a shower of ice crystals. For centuries, humans in cold-weather cultures around the earth searched for ways to bring brightness into the darkness of winter. One way to create cylinder lanterns, is to simply fill an ice cream bucket  with cold water and set it outside.
It’s a no-brainer that whenever there are enough inches of snow to cover a hillside, you can turn the hill into a sled run for everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy. Yellow, red, and blue food coloring, spray bottles for each color, plastic bowls, and brushes. Most, if not all, of the Internet’s so-called benzodiazepine withdrawal support forums have super-long lists of possible benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms.
The list below attempts to bring the various symptom lists together in one, giant, super-sized list.
The unfortunate cyberchondriacs found on these pro-Scientology support sites are a combination of drug addicts, the untreated mentally ill, or simply dangerous lunatics. My side effects been quiet dangerous now in 13 Mth comin 14 still suffering seen so many specialist 8.
You can take Mucinex, Sudafed or Benadryl to clear up the excess mucous, but you have to be really cautious.
Johnny, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you have much deeper problems than benzo WD. These symptoms listed are not posted to ridicule but to point out how an online cult can cause mass psychogenic illness in a group of vulnerable people. Benzos are no joke, but it is possible to get off them with a reasonable tapering schedule.
I totally agree about how the online benzo withdrawal groups can mislead someone who is tapering or has withdrawn from benzos into believing that EVERY little discomfort they have is related to the withdrawal. I have read of symptoms that are so obviously those of common medical problems totally unrelated to benzo WD. For the record Tom Jones and Filet’s of Fish make me sick too, but for reasons unrelated to benzo WD.
Finally, if one reads the Ashton Manual the list of potential symptoms is rather short and simple.
Thank you Paul, I am interested in all of this and found that no matter what I wrote at BB I would just get annoyed replies stating that it’s all just withdrawal, as if the symptoms of withdrawal had no physiological basis, when it obviously does.
If you notice on BB, the people who post who persist in finding a medical diagnosis for their symptoms are generally given diagnoses (which seem to last only as long as the withdrawal reaction lasts) of fibromyalgia, MPS, CFS, etc. M-59, I was just at the doctor, and we were discussing myofascial pain issues, and he said that sometimes it is an injury that brings it on, sometimes just a lot of stress, there are many factors. It’s gotta be the result of what you and I both have discussed about the power of a mass of people all in vulnerable states susceptible to the power of suggestion and sponging up hypochondria from each other. If it makes you feel any better, Ben, I was on 3 mgs of klonopin for almost 4 years and I tapered off in a couple of months and then completely quit… and it was nothing, NOTHING compared to opiate withdrawal. So you are saying you were pretty pathetic, because you were once hooked on downers yourself?
I was going to tell you, Azog, to simply go fuck yourself with a flaming pineapple backwards, but that would count as a threat to the pineapple. You need all the support and information you could possibly get, and no better place than people who goes through similar.
Good thing that I did not speak out, because you see, stress of going through this will surely make your hair fall out and go gray for some people. As a guy who had to counsel many, many people through BZ withdrawal during my brief tenure as a moderator at a site similar to BB, I cannot say that you are wrong.
Avoiding repeated exposure to decibels above 80 is important for preventing permanent hearing damage.160 Toy pistol fired close to the ear. It can also occur if someone has a perforated ear drum, causing wax to get a€?stucka€™ in the middle ear, or wears ear plugs regularly, blocking natural migration of ear wax out of the ear.To remove it safely, Dr Dawes suggests using a few drops of warm olive oil every month to soften the wax and get it back on the move. Though it is not itself an ailment, but a symptom that can be caused by an array of health conditions, such as Meniere’s disease, inner ear problems, high blood pressure, excessive air travel, hearing disorder that comes with ageing, build up of wax in ears, sinus infections, nasal allergies or ear infections. But, there are certain natural remedies that can minimize the effects of tinnitus to a great extent. That’s why massaging feet is an important part of treatment for many diseases connected to those parts.
When you take cold and hot water foot baths alternatively, it relieves the ringing sensation in the ears. It soothes the ear passages, which provides you relief from the whistling, beeping or buzzing sensation in the ears. Eating fresh pineapples everyday also helps, as it reduces inflammation in the ears that causes hissing or ringing sounds.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

The temperatures are usually cool enough that many insect populations haven't emerged – bad news for those birds who eat insects. Fill it with the seed that will attract the birds you want to see – Juncos, Cardinals, Jays, Sparrows for example.
This happens because the hot water is so close to being steam, that it breaks up into tiny droplets. The small water droplets have a large surface area which allows for a great deal of evaporation which removes heat quickly.
Cold water is thicker and stickier so it doesn’t break up into small pieces so it comes down in large blobs.
Countries such as Finland, Norway, Russia, Germany, and China claim that they created the first ice lanterns. It's a perfect activity for everything from a child's birthday party to a grown up get together. It comes complete directions, thick balloons (fyi, thin balloons break in cold temps), clips, base, and even submersible LED candles. At the top, shape the last block to fit the final opening insert from the inside of the igloo. But what happens if there are plenty of the white fluffy flakes, but no elevation to slide down.
Some retain some common sense and thus realize that we can not blame doctors or drugs for every problem we have in life! I have just been through a month from hell which I was not even aware was from my Xanax WDs because it was so extreme.
The wds are terrible, but I was also taking massive doses up to 10mg of xanax or kpins daily.
I believe it was Bayliss Johns who turned the whole WD experience into an epic novel of a tragic heroine who suffered greatly, for years in every way possible yet overcame her plight and survived. Why I find this interesting is that there really aren’t any doctors that specialize in muscles. That leaves muscles, soft tissues, which are the very things that no one ever tests in medical settings. The point of this site is to make it as clear as possible the potential that benzo support sites have to harm people to a drastic degree more than they help.
Hi Azog, I am not mad at all and I have not use any mood altering drugs, including benzos for many years now, thanks.
But because sound intensity drops off with distance, if you are further away, the sound would obviously be less damaging.
These can damage hearing after 15 minutesa€™ exposure a day.90 Fire alarm or burglar alarm at 10m. You can buy ear drops that are meant to soften the ear wax.These often contain hydrogen peroxide and glycerine and sometimes preservatives which can be irritating to the skin. The brain then exaggerates and amplifies signals from the cochlea that are still getting through, creating the a€?ringinga€™ of tinnitus.A new drug, AM-101, is being trialled and could be available within five years.
However, the above natural remedies for tinnitus work in almost all cases, regardless of the factors that cause it. Also, the fruit eating birds won't see their favorite foods naturally appearing until harvest.
The craft of making ice lanterns has varying techniques that create different sizes and shapes. Once the thickness reaches one  to two inches, run warm water over the bucket to free the cylinder. If your kids have exceptional artistic talent, they will love the chance to explore a new medium to create their art.
Be sure that the water has enough coloring so the colors are visible once they are sprayed or brushed on the snow. There are also a few symptoms that do not appear on the cult’s various lists, such as the infamous fear of butter, but the vast majority of the below symptoms are found on their sites. These sad people have been brainwashed into believing harmless prescription drugs are really an evil conspiracy involving Big Pharma, doctors, psychiatry and world governments. It could be allergies, a cold or virus, from mold, from smoking cigarettes, or hell, even fatal Cystic Fibrosis. Other than the normal problems sleeping, increased irritability and anxiety, I had very severe GI problems tapering only from 1mg to .25mg over 6 weeks. I had no problems sleeping and no panic attacks but I did experience ongoing anxiety but just lived with it and totally gave up coffee. This is a great example of a fantastic post when it comes to the discussion surrounding these types of things. In other words, neuromuscular illnesses that anyone would have trouble getting diagnosis or treatment for because so few doctors specialize in these disorders. When you ave been drug free for a few years, you will understand the harm caused by the BB cult is real and very dangerous.
The point of this site is to take a stand against these sites… not to harm the people that have unfortunately become sucked into them or to insult anyone suffering while in BZ WD.
If in doubt, consult your GP first.Ringing or buzzing noiseA Around 10-15 per cent of adults in the UK will suffer from tinnitus at some point. It blocks the signalsbetween the hair cells and the auditory nerve to try to stop it becoming a chronic condition.Nasty infectionsA Ear infections can muffle sounds trying to pass through the ear canal and the middle ear to the inner ear because they lead to fluid and pus build-up. The easy way to create a chimney is to flip the finished cylinder ice lantern over and use the open bottom as a chimney. My mom was a nurse and introduced me to oxycodone through stealing scripts from the dr she worked for, along with xanax and ativan which I had took recreationally but never daily. Over the next 2 years, I was diagnosed with acid reflux, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, checked for blood clots in my legs twice due to extreme swelling in my calves, and migraine headaches.
Sports medicine doctors and surgeons handle them in terms of strains, and neurologists do when it’s a defined neurological disease. You are just throwing something very logic based and interesting out there without making any claims against those that disagree. It takes having an EMG to assess nerve damage to muscles, but muscles will react normally to an EMG without nerve damage.
Reading this site is the only thing that snaps me back to reality if I ever start worrying about it unnecessarily as a result of those types of sites.
This type of hearing loss, which tends to affect children more than adults, is usually temporary.a€?Most middle-ear infections in childhood, known as otitis media, are caused by a viral infection, like a cold,a€™ says Professor Wright. If you have high blood pressure, avoid Sudafed and get the high-BP friendly kind (Coricidin HBP).
For people on BB who are just having minor musculoskeletal problems it really just seems like a cluster of weird symptoms in different parts of the body, most likely.

That leaves biofeedback machines, from what I know, and you have to go to very specific neuromuscular doctors or PTs to even get that sort of test.
The World Health Organisation recommends that children should not be exposed to any noise above 120 decibels.
Occasionally ita€™s caused just by wax pushing on the ear drum.Glue ear (a common childhood condition when the middle ear fills with fluid), a perforated ear drum, stress or a middle-ear infection can also cause tinnitus. Regular exercises, especially early in the morning, are also very helpful in curing tinnitus faster.
Or, find a large plastic box, pack snow tightly inside and spray cold water on top once removed. If you have untreated and severe thyroid or heart problems, it’s advised to avoid Benadryl. But it does lead to major panic since the body’s muscles just normally do not feel that way at ALL. And as you mention, there can also be underlying causes to it that definitely need medical attention! Jumped off the horse via a 5 week taper w anti seizure med to assist, and I can tell you for a good 8 weeks I felt half the symptoms above. This is the safe maximum decibel level, so anything below this will not damage your hearing, but you may find the noise irritating. But if symptoms persist and there is a fever and pain, see a doctor.Inflammation of the ear canal a€” known as otitis externa, or swimmera€™s ear a€” can be caused by water entering the ear canal which leads to infection. Last, but not the least, adequate amount of sleep is also important, at least 7-9 hours every night. By this time I was convinced that I had permanent damage from the benzo withdrawal and FEARED going to a doc because I had started to believe that I was actually DYING.
Also, smooth muscle is just as susceptible to tension as any other, so if it hits the bowels, it’s considered a bowel issue. Remember, valium, klonopin and ativan (more than other benzos) are prescribed in many pain patients to relax soft tissue, they are powerful drugs for many of those conditions. I was the one that suggested it could be from Xanax because that it what I originally thought until symptoms got so bad I was in the ER and had about 10k in tests done on me. However, lower a€” but still damaging a€” decibels over 80 dB can cause more gradual loss if you are repeatedly exposed to that level.This hearing loss can initially be hard to detect. I am not back at my original dose and can eat a lot more although I still have mild dyspepsia. Sometimes a .45 to the head sounds like a wonderful idea, but cant bring myself around to it.
It takes ones self-esteem, abilities, brainpower, life itself, and reduces it to a worthless heap that can’t move from the bed or couch.
This site, though humorous, does appear to almost reduce the pain of bz wd… A pain that takes 9,000,000 forms depending on the person, their neurochemistry, etc.
Lets see what he has to say now that 2 GI doctors have confirmed Xanax as the cause and hope no nerve damage was done.
If there were doctors that specialized in musculoskeletal issues more, people in this state would get the same care as someone seeking medical help for any other organ.
My ovaries started shutting down after the partial which caused perimenopause symptoms…the very symptoms that my doc prescribed the xanax for to begin with!
Shame on those that minimize, ridicule, or poke at those who have suffered at the hands of a medicine they failed to research thoroughly, but simply took out of blind faith in their PCP.
I returned to see my GP a couple of weeks later INSISTING that there was something definitely wrong with my shoulder.
I went all the way through menopause into post menopause before I ever experienced night sweats.
Nobody has seizures, delirium, brain damage, long term debilitation, and so on and so on, from opiate abuse.
I was totally amazed that when I was started on estrogen replacement that EVERY symptom I was experiencing and contributing to benzo withdrawal as well as the other conditions that I had been diagnosed with and prescribed meds for by multiple docs during that 2 year period completely ceased. Yes, I believe they are real but unless someone has a true disorder in which they actually NEED the benzos to manage, I do not believe that withdrawal symptoms are as broad ranged or last 18-24 months or even the rest of a person’s life like the withdrawal groups claim. While support groups CAN be helpful, I believe that people need to look for underlying reasons if they feel that withdrawal symptoms have lasted longer than a couple of month and aren’t improving every day. There are SO many other conditions that mimic withdrawal in addition to female hormonal woes.
I couldn’t sleep more than a couple of hours per night, I felt like I was bouncing off the walls and still felt the same after taking a dose of xanax. Sorry this was so long but I wanted to share my story for those experiencing withdrawal or considering it. I went back to the GP numerous times insisting that it was the medication that was doing this to me. At one point, he told me that I would need this medication the rest of my life and pointed out to me that my anxiety disorder had gotten so out of control that I even feared the medication that would help me! I also ran across the dangers associated with stopping cold turkey and how it should be stopped under the supervision of a doctor and slowly weaned off of. He told me that he had done all he could do to help my anxiety disorder, was stopping the prescription for the xanax, and set me up an appointment with a psychologist who of course, was a counselor and couldn’t even prescribe meds! She told me that I could not just stop and that he HAD to give me refills for me to use to taper. I asked her if there was ANY way I could get off the stuff more quickly and she told me that I could always go to detox and that’s what I did. I spent 6 days there in which the first 4 was spent being dosed with a longer acting benzo in which they reduced the dose each time until it was stopped at the end of the 4th day. I had nipped this thing in the bud, proven my doctor was an idiot, was calmer than I had felt in years, and had NO symptoms whatsoever when I was released around 8:00 pm. I called the detox center and they assured me that everything I was experiencing had NOTHING to do with my withdrawal because benzo withdrawal symptoms only lasted 3 days! I ended up in the ER, was labeled a drug addict although I refused any meds they offered, and set up to see a psychiatrist the next morning. I felt a bit offended by that but decided to keep the appointment and am SO happy that I did.
He explained to me that the half life of the long acting benzo I was given in detox had worn off and that I was very much experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
He told me that I wouldn’t die but that I could expect to feel pretty rough for some time to come.

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