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Accessory pack included: consists of 1 Pediatric Diaphragm, 3 plastic bells(adult, pediatric, infant) + 2 additonal hard plastic mushroom style ear tips.
Get Two Wireless Headsets + Transmitter & Charger for One Low Price!Add Additional Headphones's for only $34.99 each!The TV Listener is the affordable quality option when more than one person needs a headset to hear the TV. Infrared technology: No worries about interference from electronic devices such as microwaves, cordless phones, wireless networks, etc. The E-Scope has been modified for hearing aid users and comes with convertible style headphones that can be worn behind or over the head.

Sounds are up to 30 x's greater than acoustic stethoscopes (non electronic, non amplified units). Also includes ss adult specialist diaphragm, carrying case, operators manual and instructional CD-Rom. This system includes two wireless TV headphones so one person with hearing loss can listen to the television at a higher volume than the other.
Each headset recharges when connected to the transmitter and when charged, you can enjoy over 15 hours of uninterrupted use.

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