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We've written before about high hearing aid prices, and the cost benefits to buying online.
In fact, our research revealed that hearing aids are much, much more expensive, on a per-gram basis.
In all fairness, this approach penalizes manufacturers for making technological strides to reduce the weight of hearing aids, and increase comfort and satisfaction. In fact, our internet research turned up a long list of luxury items with a lower price-to-weight ration than hearing aids. It actually took us a while to identify any substance, manmade or otherwise, with a higher price-to-weight ratio than modern hearing aids. Being an undergraduate student in Audiology, I have had hands on experience with different hearing aids and have grown to be an advocate for top quality hearing aids. Hearing aids are meant to enhance a person’s life and knock down the communication barriers that a persons hearing loss might have caused.

Any Audiologist you come across will always recommend the top of the line hearing aid, as it will give you the best results. Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "US Hearing Aids and Diagnostic Systems Market Growth Tre. On this list are caviar, saffron, uranium nuclear fuel, a top-of-the-line artificial heart, and the Space Shuttle Endeavor. The difference they can make in a person’s life is impeccable and although the prices might seem a little ridiculous, the higher the quality you get, the better results you will receive; “You get what you pay for” (Romano). If you are getting crappy feedback paired with a receiver that isn’t working to it’s best ability, your just receiving amplified static noise and you’re at dead halt once again. Although hearing losses vary, you always want to give your brain the best stimuli possible and not all hearing aids will do that. We read recently that hearing aids cost more than their weight in gold, and decided to do some myth-busting.

Thus far, many still don’t understand why this “simple” instrument is so expensive, yet, it’s really quite simple. Hearing is one of our five senses that give our lives a difference sense of quality; it would be such misfortune to limit yourself because you thought otherwise. A hearing aid is an exquisite instrument that takes precise measurements and programming to better fit the client’s hearing loss.
In overall terms, the hearing aid is made specifically for you and if you are using a hearing aid that can work for anyone, its not really benefitting your own ear’s needs, but just amplifying any sound that come across it.

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