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Our goal is to provide you the best possible hearing care, based upon your individual needs.
We provide a comprehensive array of services related to evaluation, rehabilitation and prevention of hearing loss. These services include comprehensive hearing evaluations, specialized diagnostic testing, and industrial hearing screenings. Lynn's special areas of expertise are pediatric and adult audiology with diagnostic testing including ABR, ASSR, VNG, tinnitus matching and auditory processing evaluations.

Choosing a hearing professional is one of the most important decisions a person with hearing loss can make. Since hearing aids cannot be prescribed like eye glasses, a proper hearing aid recommendation and fitting is highly dependent on the judgment and skill of the hearing professional selecting the instrument. We test your hearing, select and dispense the hearing aids best to meet your needs, in addition to, providing support, counseling and service of the hearing aid system. We are concerned about the person and make hearing solution recommendations to fit your lifestyle and personal needs.

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