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Tinnitus ("TIN-a-tus" or "Tin-EYE-tus") is the medical term for the sensation of hearing sound in your ears or head when no external sound is present. The Hearing Practice provide a complete private Audiological service to both adults & children. We want to give you all the information and help you need for you to get the best out of your hearing and listening. Very simply, we're here to provide the answers to your questions, the help if you need it and first class aftercare you can rely on. We provide the latest digital hearing aids and hearing protection and as a full clinical audiology practice we also provide Tinnitus Management, Hyperacusis Therapy, Audiovestibular Diagnostics and Medico Legal assessments for Quantum and rehabilitation. You can either refer yourself for an appointment by contacting the practice or Hospital directly or ask your ENT Consultant or GP to refer you.
We have been caring for Hertfordshires hearing for over 22 years and as well as seeing patients at The Rivers Hospital, in Sawbridgeworth, Pinehill Hospital in Hitchin and Spire Hospital in Harpenden we have opened our new practice at No. Tinnitus can arise in any of the four sections of the hearing system: the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear, and the brain.
Some of the most common include a sound of crickets or roaring, buzzing, hissing, whistling, and high-pitched ringing. Other types of tinnitus include a clicking or pulsatile tinnitus (the noise accompanies your heartbeat). The most common type of tinnitus is known as subjective tinnitus, meaning that you hear a sound but it cannot be heard by others. A much more uncommon sort is called objective tinnitus, meaning your doctor may sometimes actually hear a sound when he or she is carefully listening for it. We should also mention a combination of sound and meditation therapy that is known as Tinnitus retaining therapy. Even if we do have various tinnitus treatment solutions available, there is no guarantee that the problems can be fixed. Hearing Revolution recognizes that many patients suffer with tinnitus daily, and we have included a couple of different options in our product offerings.

Let us help you find a personalized hearing solution that fits both your lifestyle and budget. Ask us about ReSound Unite Bluetooth streaming accessories for advanced digital hearing instruments.
With over 27 years combined experience in hearing healthcare, our Doctors of Audiology take time to make sure you receive the best in personalized hearing care.
At Cape Cod Hearing Centers, we can help you improve the quality of your life through properly fitted amplification and rehabilitation. Visit a Cape Cod Hearing Center nearest you for a wide array of services and quality products featuring the latest technology.
A hearing loss may create difficulties at work, in social situations or even with family members.
Owner and president of Cape Cod Hearing Center, is celebrating 25 years as an audiologist on the Cape. Coming to Cape Cod Hearing Center has not only helped my husband - it's improved my life too! Contact us today to set up an appointment with a hearing specialist to discuss your hearing health, hearing aids and the best way to treat your hearing loss.
Instead, it's a symptom — typically of something bigger, like an ear infection, high blood pressure or, most common, hearing loss. It can be caused by excessive ear wax build-ups, allergies and loud noises among other causes. It is actually one solution that is highly affordable and has been used with a lot of success for many years now.
Unfortunately we need to understand that the success rate of this tinnitus treatment option is low.
It is highly efficient but you will need to talk to a specialist that has a lot of experience in using this technique. Unfortunately, there are some people that will need to live with the ringing sound for a long, long time.

Whatever your hearing loss, listening requirements, or lifestyle, chances are that Cape Cod Hearing Centers has a solution that's right for you. The only problem is that you do need to talk to a specialist as there might be interactions with drugs that you are taking at the moment. In this case there is a need to stay focused and trying as many treatment options as possible. If you have a hearing problem, or you suspect someone you love has a hearing problem, be informed about hearing aids and hearing instrument specialists. In the past people did not really know what was causing the situation and there was nothing that could have been done. Sound therapy will generate pre-recorded sounds that are basically different than what the patient hears.
There are different therapy options that will combine homeopathic treatments with herbal and vitamin based treatments.
Serenade is a complete, FDA cleared sound therapy solution based on acoustic research conducted by leading university researchers.
The good news is that this chance and we now know of many different ways in which tinnitus can be treated. We understand that it might sound strange but it is actually a highly effective tinnitus treatment solution. Keep in mind that effectiveness will vary from one individual to the other but this does not mean that you should not try the tinnitus treatment solutions that exist. As you surely imagine, this option is not focusing on the actual disease but on the patient’s mind.
It will help him control the sounds and concentrate on something else instead of the constant ringing sounds.

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