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I should like to thank Neil, Kevin and yourself for all the hard work that you have put into this project. Presbycusis is the term given for the natural deterioration in our hearing as we get older, where with increasing years the ears become progressively less sensitive with the losses being most significant at the higher frequencies. This loss in itself is significant and if a younger person was to suddenly go from their normal hearing to the ability of a 65 year old the losses would sound profound. Over time our ability to hear all frequencies deteriorates but the higher frequencies fall off more quickly than the lower range.
As a lot of speech is located in this higher frequency range of the the most visible effects is an increasing difficulty in distinguishing what other people are saying clearly, in effect the noise made when people talk becomes a lower-pitch mumble and indistinct.
The consequent hearing loss is permanent because the hair cells in the outer ear have died, and cannot be regenerated.Noise-induced hearing loss incurred from prolonged exposure to loud sounds from earphones, headphones and clubs can cause irreversible, permanent hearing loss. As you can see, by the ages of 65 the loss in hearing ability is significant, and is much more pronounced in men than in women.

Because when sound levels are at 115dB, you should only be there for 28 seconds!Reuben Samuel, a professional deejay who goes by the moniker DJ Blastique, says: “There are a lot of poorly tuned clubs Malaysia.
And even if they’re set up properly in the beginning, DJs who think they’re sound engineers start tweaking with it and it ruins everything.
The management is more concerned with the levels not breaking the speakers, which can take a real beating, rather than customers’ safety.”Most clubs have sound levels that go up to 115dB.
Faiz says clubs in Malaysia are very bass heavy and volumes are off-the-charts loud.So party-crazy young people could find themselves paying a heavy price down the road. In fact, according to a 2008 study by Australia’s National Acoustic Laboratories, young people who club weekly for 10 years will have the ears of someone 30 years older by their 30th birthday!Hearing loss – not just for old peopleBoth Saravanan and Dr Arasa agree that young people should not be suffering from hearing loss at all, as it generally starts in your 60s.
But now, exposure to loud sounds is causing accelerated wear-and-tear, so it’s no longer just a problem of the elderly. She knows it is harmful, but finds it hard to break the habitAre you listening?The only way to stop noise-induced hearing loss is to prevent it, which is why it’s important to monitor the sounds that surround you.

Apps like Sound Meter can help track noise levels at clubs and bars, letting you know when sounds are dangerously high.When you’re in a loud environment like a club, bar or concert, take plenty of breaks or leave if you have to.
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