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Teens and kids are losing their hearing ability at much younger age due to various reasons including loud noise and too much exposure to personal music players and mobile phones. Inner ear structure may be damaged due to repeated ear infections, measles, brain tumors and mumps. You'll develop a unique parenting style that is right for your family and may be quite different from your neighbors and friends.
The authors of a study in the January print issue of Pediatrics examined the results of hearing tests of 4,310 adolescents ages 12 to 19 taken as part of National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys. Overall rates of hearing loss did not change significantly between the two time periods, however –except for one type of hearing loss among adolescent females.
In 1988-1994, 11.6 percent of teen girls had noise-induced threshold shift, a type of hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noise. The findings suggest that increased exposure to recreational noise and minimal use of hearing-protection devices might have increased female teenagers’ prevalence of noise-induced threshold shift to a level previously seen only for boys. The study authors conclude that the increased loss in females may be due to other factors not reflected in the questionnaire, such as amplified music at concerts and clubs. Is my child developing normally?what are the vaccinations that he should have taken until now?Generate a report for my baby. Cellphone use: A new study suggests that extended cellphone use for more than 60 minutes per day may cause high frequency hearing loss. Treatment: Before treatment can be administered, Your physician will need to test your hearing to find out what type of hearing loss you have and the extent of the damage incurred. Movie theaters, appliances and machines, television sets and video games are also creating noisy environment.

Some people may have partial hearing problems whereas others can’t hear completely and considered as deaf.
The baby may be born with hearing impairment if the mother suffered from illness during pregnancy. Intake of certain medicines including chemotherapy drugs and antibiotics could cause hearing loss.
Avoid talking to friends and relatives in trains and buses, as the background noise would create hearing problems. Teens, kids and adults are advised to consult their physician for immediate treatment if they suffer from any hearing related issues. Ita€™s not the type of soap that prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses; ita€™s how you wash your hands.
Additionally, they are unable hear higher octaves, like a woman's or a child's voice, or a bird chirping.
In retrospect, two studies, Danish and Japanese, found there was no correlation between cell phone use and brain tumors. The best treatment is the use of a hearing aid, preferably digital, that can be programmed specifically to your needs. Chronic exposure to loud noise may not cause hearing loss in the short term, but it can gradually result in irreversible hearing loss later in life. Inability to hear sounds in the high frequency range is a common occurrence in the adult population, and is associated with sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing aids are very effective, particularly digital open-fit hearing aids that leave the ear canal partially open. We would suffer from Sensorineural hearing loss if the auditory nerve or inner ear were damaged.

When we hear, sound is carried from the external ear and funneled through the ear canal to the tympanic membrane (eardrum) where it vibrates against the eardrum. We may not be able to hear clearly or understand the speech due to improper functioning of outer hair cells. You may suffer from hearing problems for weeks or months even after the treatment, as the fluid may reside in the middle ear. Vibrating against each other, the bones send signals to the inner ear where the tiny hair cells in the cochlea send electrical impulses through the cochlear nerve to the brain. Factors that will determine the correct aid for you are type of hearing loss and lifestyle. We may suffer from mixed hearing loss due to a combination of sensorineural and conductive hearing problems. Additionally, the type of hearing aid that you will be comfortable using will make a difference. Know that there will be a period of adjustment in getting use to wearing a hearing impairment device. You will need to visit with the audiologist for fine tuning to get the best hearing possible, which will serve to enhance your quality of life.

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