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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments?
For the first time, doctors are using stem cells to regenerate hearing in young children who acquire hearing loss.When Stephanie Connor was pregnant with her daughter Madeline, she was infected with CMV a€“ a herpes virus which causes development disabilities and hearing loss in babies. While she did lose her hearing, Connor says in an interview with NBC, her now two-year-old daughter's hearing is improving thanks to an FDA approved study which uses stem cells, in this case from cord blood, to restore hearing. The year long study will follow 10 children ages six weeks to 18 months who have sustained an acquired hearing loss.

Since this study is in the very early stages, doctors don't know yet what effect it will have on Madeline.But since January, she's started speaking.
Advanced Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (AOMS) in Elmhurst, IL Partners with Provia Labs to make Store-A-Tootha„? Dental Stem Cell Banking Available to their Patients.
Born with a windpipe less than a tenth of an inch wide, he was the first child in the world to get a transplant made from a donor organ and his own stem cells.
Eventually scientists hope to get to the point where any replacement body part or organ you need would simply be manufactured in a lab, man-made, just for you..

How transplanted stem cells help the braina€™s repair mechanism following traumatic brain injury.
Baumgartner is the sponsor of the study out of Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital in Texas, says he believes this safe and effective treatment will allow children to hear well enough to acquire normal speech.

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