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Bengaluru: Brett Lee, Cochlear’s Global Hearing Ambassador, is in Bengaluru for the second innings of the 'Sounds of Cricket' campaign.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), hearing loss is the most widespread sensory deficit in humans globally today. Speaking on the occasion, Brett Lee said, "Through the ‘Sounds of Cricket’ campaign, I am keen to spread the message about how Cochlear implants help individuals with hearing loss lead a normal life.
Rashmi Deshpande, chief audiologist and speech language pathologist at Medikeri's Super Speciality ENT Centre said, “Early identification and treatment of hearing loss is crucial to the development of normal speech among young children.
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Delay in the identification and treatment of congenital auditory impairment can profoundly affect quality of life in terms of language acquisition, social and emotional development and education and employment prospects.
Despite these shocking numbers, most people are unaware of its implications and the treatment options available.

Shankar Medikeri, senior ENT surgeon at Medikeri's Super Speciality ENT Centre, said, "There is definitely an urgent need for universal new-born screening in India. If people wish to seek professional advice, they can use the website to find their nearest hearing health professional. Parents and family members should not ignore the smallest signs of hearing loss and should take speedy action.

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