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20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. This word was usedA in secular business to describe the official written notice that announced the final verdict of a court. Dona€™t even try to ask God to help you because you got into this mess by yourself, and now youa€™re going to have to get out of it by yourself! God wona€™t help you, because youa€™re reaping exactly what youa€™ve sown!a€?A If youa€™ve ever heard these kinds of accusations from the devil, then First Peter 5:8 is just for you!
These accompanying activities are like a signature or a seal that authenticates andA guarantees that a person truly is an apostle.
This word primarily denotes the watchful attitude of one who is on the lookout to make certain no enemy or aggressor can successfully gain entry into his life or place of residence.A This tells us that we must be on high alert against an enemy who is seeking to gain access to ourA lives. This was the picture of a prosecutor who brought offenders to court, argued vehemently against them, and then sent them off to prison. The enemy drags up facts fromA the past and reminds us of our former failures; then he vigorously tries to convince us that we deserveA to be in the mess we are in. In addition to glorious moments when Paul experienced spectacular visions, revelations,A and special demonstrations of power, he worked hard in his ministry. For instance, many people have money problemsA because they have spent too much money or used their credit cards way beyond the limit of whatA they could afford. Others get sick in the wintertime because they go outside without proper clothing.A Marriages get into trouble because the spouses never spend time together or do anything to nurtureA their relationships. It is a demanding, all-consuming, and dominating call that requires every ounce of a persona€™s life. The enemy remembers every innocent mistake made along the way, and like aA prosecutorA or a€?adversarya€? (the Greek word antidikos), he comes to accuse you.
You may have spent too much money, and the financial trouble youa€™re in now may very well be your own fault! The word hupo is a preposition that meansA under, and the word meno means to abide or to stay. When the two are compounded together, the compound word portraysA a person who is under some type of incredibly heavy load but who refuses to stray from his position because he is committed to his task.

He wants to snatchyou out of the power of darkness and get you over into His realm of life and light where past sin wona€™t continue to exert its influences upon you (Colossians 1:13)!
Regardless of the load, opposition, stress, or weight that comes against him, he isA not going to move.
You just need to genuinely repent of past mistakes, get your heart right with God, and then tell the devil to flee!A If you keep dwelling on the accusations that the enemy is speaking against you in your mind, youa€™ll find yourself in trouble pretty quickly. Your mind is so filled with the roars of the enemya€™s accusations that you cana€™t hear anything else but those lies. The word a€?devoura€? is the GreekA wordA pino, which means to drink, to lick, or to slurp up, as a lion might lick the blood of his prey off the ground. I am so grateful for this incredible endowment from Heaven on ourA lives, because without it, we would be unable to do what we are doing. The devil wants to turn you into a mess of liquid emotions and then lick you up until therea€™s nothing left of your life. Anyone who can do what we do day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year a€” and do it joyfully and successfully a€” is definitely experiencing something that is truly supernatural. The devil, like an accusing lawyer, will try to charge you with all kinds of arguments and accusations. It is a sign from on High of a divine endowment.A Many of us have seen the lame walk, deaf ears opened, demons expelled, and even the dead raised through the prayers of our apostolic team.
But I consider hupomeno on our lives to be just as supernatural as any of these other signs and wonders we have experienced.
If youa€™ll resist the devil, you can run him clear out of your mind and your life.A He doesna€™t know how to deal with those who stand up to him, so he runs in fear when a believerA challenges him! God makes miraculous grace available to you to help you victoriously live for Him where you are. If so, ita€™s time for you to stand up, throw back your shoulders, and command him to leaveA in Jesusa€™ name! So if this is the need you are facing in your life today, I urge you to stop what you are doing; then throw up your arms, lift your voice, and ask Jesus to fill you with the endurance you need. Hea€™s been telling me all the reasons that I shouldna€™t have any hope andA that I deserve to be in this mess.

In the midst of all the problems, hassles, and challenges that have come against me, IA am very aware that I wouldna€™t be able to do it without the divine gift of endurance You haveA placed in my life. But Your grace is greater than any mistake Ia€™ve made or sinA Ia€™ve committed in the past! Others may think I am strong, but I know that much of my strength andA fortitude is due to what You have done inside me. I know that You have forgiven me and redeemed me from anyA mess Ia€™ve created by my own actions.
I thank You now for Your forgiveness and mercy, andA today I lay claim to the power of restoration! He filled me with endurance to help me stay put and to be strongA enough to finish it as I ought. Have you ever experienced a time when God supernaturally filled you with a divine dose of endurance that gave you the exact amount of strength you needed at that moment?A 2.
If the answer is yes, what did it feel like when you received that supernatural strengthening?
His Spirit is operating in me rightA now to get me out of every mess I have created, both intentionally and unintentionally. Have you been feeling like weariness is trying to get the best of you, or do you feel strong and ready to keep forging ahead?
Are there areas in your life in which the devil is trying to drag up the past so he can accuse you and convince you that you deserve the attacks that are coming against you right now?A 2. Have you taken the time to sincerely repent for those past sins and mistakes before the Lord?
Or did you just quickly admit you sinned, never allowing the Holy Spirit to deal with you deeply about these matters?A 3.
If the devil has been roaring in your mind, consider what steps you can take to stop those roaring accusations, such as listening to praise and worship music or teaching tapes, meditating on the Word, etc.

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