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DISCHARGING THE TUBE - Before you go around touching anything, you must discharge the CRT tube.
The clusterfuckage of wires that goes to the top of the tube may not be removable, however that small board connected to the top can be seperated from the tube.
Remove all unneccesary wires so that there is only one wire coming out of it (if they are removeable). Beyond being one of my favorite weddings of 2014, this will go down in history as the BEST wedding vendor meal EVER. The highest compliment I can get is to photograph the wedding of a sibling or friend of a past client. Part of the fun of photographing weddings for me, is going to new places and revisiting old ones.
Ironically, almost all TVs have indications on which screws you need to remove to take it apart, despite the warning sticker.

These include, oddly large resistors (high power rating, not high ohm rating), large capacitors, including all metal film or similar, transformers, rare power regulators, and heatsinks. As the father of three girls, all of which play hockey, I was psyched to photograph the wedding of this former Olympian and all around amazing couple. This tube requires high voltages (at low amps) to run, and this is provided by the flyback transformer. Then I went down to the eastern shore of Maryland to photograph her dad's birthday party in 2013. I spend a lot of weekends on the Cape but rarely do I go past Chatham so spending the weekend in P-Town was just what I needed while my busy season was winding down.
To remove the flyback transformer without dammaging it, follow this simple step by step guide. You must use a flat peice of steel, insulated on one side (For your hand), like a screw driver.

Once the board is loose, you will notice a multitude of wires stopping you from completeing the removal. So when Chelsea called about her wedding, I JUMPED at the chance to work with this crazy and always fun bunch again! With ear protection on (ear plugs or shooting range ear covers) tap it with the hammer where the flyback connected to. I performed this method on a smaller tube without protection and my ears were ringing slightly afterwards.
If you need a higher level of detail on a picture, and it's not available, please notify me.

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