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About the author To learn more about the author, check out the Bio section in the top navigation menu. The Academia Waltz comic strip, published in the Daily Texan in the late 1970s, was the predecessor to Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County series. Last week marked the surprise return of one of the preeminent voices of 1980s newspaper comics: Berkeley Breathed, the artist and author behind Bloom County — and University of Texas alum. I just spent the last two hours in my backyard enjoying the day, enjoying the sights and sounds, the smells and the sensations.
Many species of birds chirped and cawed and sang, and I was able to get the sense that they were all communicating with each other. Next time you have some spare time, close your eyes, wherever you are, and focus on all of the sounds.
If you’re inside, the humming of the applicances, the occasional creaks in the frame of the house. The humming of your refrigerator is the noise caused by the intricately designed machinery that keeps your food and drink cold.
This all goes back to appreciating the beauty of our world and living in the present, really paying attention to what you’re doing and what goes on around you as you proceed through the day.
The strip, for which Breathed was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1987, was put to rest — supposedly for good — in 1989.
For thirty minutes I lay in the grass on my back, eyes closed, listening to everything I could hear.

The rustling leaves, the subtle whooshing sound the breeze makes as it passes over your ears.
The sound of silence, and the hushed ringing sound in your ears that becomes more apparent the quieter your environment is and the more you focus on it. The different species of birds, each with their own genetic code, developing differently designed voices. Someone sat down one day many years ago to solve the problem of food spoiling, and over the years people improved upon his invention to the point where we are today. Take a moment to step back from your racing mind and appreciate all of the sensations in your world. With this cat-o-nine-tails thrashing about, be sure to wear eye protection when cleaning the rear hooves. In an effort to sneak up on biting flies along the edge of the saddle pad, a horse can whip his head around in a nanosecond. This is because at least twice a week I’ll find one that’s been shed out in the paddock somewhere. Breathed followed that strip with others, featuring some of the same characters, like Outland in the ‘90s and Opus in the mid-aughts. These people all had their own life stories, joys and fears, and most of them are long-dead. So many people come to Rome to look at things ruined, long dead, inanimate, laced with neglect & defeat.

In a never-ending effort to shoo flies away from their knees, the front hooves are raised and slammed back down on the ground in a rhythm that’s somehow fast-paced and languid at the same time.
Occasionaly you can even hear the rush of air under birds’ wings when they fly overhead.
The thousands of leaves, each brushing up against one another, the sum of which becomes pleasurably audible to us. If it’s a really hot day and you decide to wear shorts to the barn, prepare to have your bare legs flogged.
The wind that causes that rustling is the result of lower pressure hundreds, thousands of miles away, and the air compensating for the discrepancy by rushing toward that place.
In a move that would make a Yoga master proud, he lifts both rear hooves and swipes across his belly sideways. He’s since posted five more, and has said he plans to continue to create and post new strips online, though they won’t likely be returning to the print format. The sky is an imperturbable sea and the clouds little fishes that mutate, now a flower and later a rabbit, all pure white. Like my departed friend Douglas Adams used to say, the only part of deadlines I enjoyed was the whooshing sound as they sped by.” Breathed's said he plans to continue to produce new Bloom County comics and post them on facebook.

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