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You can read the latest reviews of Claims For You by clients on the impartial review system Trust Pilot. Deafness Tinnitus Claims - Claim compensation for hearing loss, deafness and tinnitus caused by work.
If you have worked in any noisy occupation after 1963 without hearing protection and now find difficultly in hearing others speak, suffer from noises or ringing in your ears, or have experienced temporary deafness, you may have a claim. If you feel you have suffered hearing loss or suffer from tinnitus call us today on 0800 118 5855 or complete our online form and we'll call you back and tell you straight away whether we think you have a valid case and how you can make a claim.
You can still make a claim for compensation even if you worked in a noisy environment years ago. Our professional staff are sympathetic to your needs and have excellent knowledge on deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus claims within the claims sector. If you, or someone you know has suffered, you are entitled to pursue a claim for the injuries and losses that you have suffered. Obviously I'd like to claim against BT for this, and I've seen there's lots of people who've been successful already.
I've got tinnitus in my ears now, I used to work on a chalk quarry driving plant machinery in the late 1980s for 4 or 5 years.
When Marti Stanley tells people broccoli brings her out in a rash, their first reaction is that it’s just an excuse to avoid it. When she goes on to tell them that green beans, spinach, shellfish, raspberries, pulses or pears have an equally nasty effect, they clearly think she’s neurotic. Catalent UK Swindon Zydis Limited (trading as Catalent Pharma Solutions) was ordered to pay over £100,000 in fi nes and costs in December 2010 for exposing ten of its employees to Olanzapine, a hazardous substance. MUM Jane Dobson was left with these horrific injuries to her legs after kneeling in wet B&Q cement while carrying out DIY in her own kitchen. Jane, 46, was left in so much agony she feared her legs "were going to explode" after the corrosive cement soaked through her trousers. She had bought the cement from B&Q to lay a new floor in her kitchen and when she knelt in it the liquid began burning her flesh. But make-up is often so full of chemicals that it could leave them with unsightly skin conditions instead, doctors warn. The average woman uses 12 products a day, containing 168 ingredients, according to research by U.S.
What may start as a seemingly harmless day of gardening or yard work can quickly take a turn for the worse when common plants make their mark on the skin, causing a host of mild to even severe skin reactions. If you are one of the 18,000 people who have been diagnosed with Occupational Hearing Loss (Deafness) in the UK which was related to your past or present employment and you were diagnosed within the last 3 years - then YES you could claim compensation. Call 0800 077 6166 Today to make a No Win No Fee Occupational Hearing Loss Claim for Compensation.
Occupational Hearing Loss also known as Noise Induced Hearing loss (NIHL) or Occupational Deafness is the deterioration of hearing over a prolonged period of time and is caused by the repeated exposure to excessive noise levels at work.
Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) for which you can claim compensation, must be due to working in a noisy environment (i.e. RSR Law will evaluate your deafness case for FREE and we always strive to get the maximum compensation - FAST.

These figures on occupational deafness (noise induced hearing loss) compensation are based on the Judicial College Guidelines for Personal Injury Compensation. To see if you can claim compensation for your occupational deafness call 0800 077 6166 today, or use our contact form, or email direct and we'll get back to you. An occupational history of sustained exposure to loud noise in a loud working environment must be established, and in all cases of occupational deafness some form of breach of duty or negligence by your employer must have occurred, such as inadequate safety equipment. The shape of the hearing curve from an audiogram can actually show if you are suffering from a Hearing Loss due to a noisy working environment as opposed to deafness associated with old age.
The second step is to go see your GP who will need to take an in-depth history and establish a relationship between your hearing loss symptoms and your work environment. To see if you can make a No Win No Fee Hearing Loss Claim for Compensation call 0800 077 6166 Today, or use our contact form and we'll get back to you.
If you want to make a personal injury claim for compensation or simply have a question then contact RSR Law Today.We will evaluate your case for FREE and there is no obligation to start the compensation claims process. Answer a few questions and one of our experts will be in touch, we help lots of people just like you every month. Since the introduction in the UK of the first Control Of Noise at Work Regulations in 1989, which replaced the Health and Safety at Work Act,1974, it may have been assumed that the problems of workplaces with the potential to cause hearing damage by subjecting their employers to noise levels exceeding statutory limits no longer exist. Our client was exposed to excessive levels of noise, whilst working at Robert Fletcher & Sons in Greenfield from 1979 to 1998. Our client was exposed to excessive levels of noise, whilst working at Robert Fletcher & Sons in Greenfield from 1980 to 2001. Research conducted into hearing impairment tends to produce statistics drawn from surveys of either teenagers or senior ages! WE Solicitors have secured ?1500 for Patricia Martindale from Rochdale, who suffers with work related hearing loss. The very real problems of noise induced hearing loss challenging British armed forces serving in Afghanistan has been raised previously, yet it seems growing numbers of serviceman are still leaving the army in 2011 suffering with hearing loss caused by combat conditions. In 2010, a survey discovered that over two thirds of army soldiers had returned to the UK with severe and permanent hearing damage inflicted from excessive noise levels encountered during “close-combat fighting, roadside devices and low-flying allied aircraft”. This followed on from documented defence reports from 2008 that nearly 70 per cent of 1,250 Royal Commandos who had taken audiometric testing had revealed evidence of noise induced hearing loss, and over 400 categorised as of industrial deafness severity.
It has been reported that not only is the sound of exploding bombs and bullets firing during combat still causing a hearing issue, the firing of live ammunition during training exercises in preparation for fighting on the front line are adding to the problem. As a result, the Army has launched a campaign to warn all fighting personnel of the effects of weapons firing as well as from helicopters, tanks and other machinery. While one in 10 army recruits had previously experienced a significant degree of hearing loss following their tour of duty, and considered as being directly caused by “noise or blast”, by comparison, figures also show that the Navy had fewer than five medical discharges for hearing loss or noise-induced hearing loss since 2006, and the RAF reported “less than” five medical discharges for hearing loss and none at all for noise-induced hearing loss.
While during training, soldiers are only issued with standard hearing plugs, troops on active duty in Afghanistan are now supplied with “Personal Integrated Hearing Protection”. Most of my days were spent at those little green cabinets, where I would use a pair of headphones to listen to test tone occilators to examine the lines.
I worked in a steel forge in the 1970s for about 1 year, practically next to a big electric arc furnace with no hearing protection at all. Charges were brought under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and four different regulations in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH).

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RSR Law's dedicated Industrial Deafness compensation claim team will get you the maximum compensation you deserve - FAST. The Act stipulates health and safety regulations for the workplace which must be adhered to.
The amount of compensation you may receive will depend on numerous factors; the severity of your hearing loss being the key factor alongside age, loss of earnings and you future potential to work. Firstly by direct measurement of your Hearing Loss (audiogram), and secondly by investigation of your work history to substantiate the cause.
A loss of hearing in just one ear (Asymmetrical Hearing Loss) would need to be explained as it would be unusual for this to occur due to a noisy environment, unless faulty equipment or noise from predominately one side was experienced. This data is based on the number of new hearing loss disablement benefit claims being made each year from 2003 to 2013.
Yet reported cases of noise induced hearing loss also include middle aged men and women too. Earplugs and ear defenders have also been issued with commanding officers ordered to ensure troops are protected from the excessive noise levels generated from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other types of weapons and gunfire. The new system comprises custom-moulded ear plugs incorporated with a radio, inset, designed to help block out background noise, which still enables the wearer to hear normal speech. The noise made by the occilators was very loud and very high pitched, and I would be left with ringing in my ears after using them. Your employer has the legal obligation to follow these regulations and ensure adequate safety equipment and procedures are in place to protect your hearing.
In all cases someone else must be at fault, such as the employer by neglect of there duties. It is clear that manufacturing has the highest rate of Occupational Hearing Loss with 4 new cases each year for every 100,000 employees. According to one recent study, one in nine of adults aged between 45 and 54 possess reduced hearing function, while generally, one in seven suffer a more pronounced hearing loss. Martindale developed occupational deafness over a period of several years, working as a Card Room Operative at Clover Croft & State Spinners Limited. I have some deafness in my left ear that's been there for the last 10 yrs or so, but in the last 12 months ive got a ringing or whistling sound in my ears which is getting worse and driving me mad.
This may sound small but when you consider that the British manufacturing industry employs over 5.5 million people, then this figure equates to more than 220 people being assessed as having noise induced hearing loss each year, in this area alone. I left in 2003 but in the last year or two the tinnitus has gotten worse and keeps me awake at night. I've also started turning the TV up and I struggle to hear people talking in pubs and restaurants.

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