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Punky ear cuffs creeping onto the red carpet isn't a totally new trend, but we never thought we'd see Jennifer, with her girly and sophisticated style, rock the edgy accessory. Because she lives a more exciting life than the rest of us, Jennifer Lawrence was in Paris on Friday night. As a face of Dior, Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much guaranteed to be wearing that designer at all times. I think the dress as a whole just looks too heavy and cumbersome, probably due to it not quite fitting her correctly.
I love the skirt, but the bodice looks like it was made to fit women a-cup or smaller boobs, like there was scrap fabric lying on the table and someone went “ah-ha! We were putting our bets on the line featuring ether skulls, pills or butterflies and alas, this small collection of only two pieces, a ring and a rosary style necklace,  features a diamond, ruby and black diamond encrusted 18k yellow, rose and white gold clusters of pharmacy pills.
Available exclusively at Hirst’s shop Other Criteria, the line is titled The Cathedral Collection and has a run of only 25 each, with each piece individually stamped and numbered. As a huge fan of Damien Hirst artwork, and obviously total jewellery freaks, The Folly girls are still having mixed feelings about the line. Celebs everywhere are rocking this trend, so we’ve come up with some inspiration for you to get you started.
Having previously worked for Gucci and Donna Karan, New York based designer Dana Lorenz created high end jewellery brand Fenton in 2006. After the success of ultra luxe high end Fenton, Lorenz created a sister line of smaller, lower priced pieces. Being an ex-artist and having worked in the art industry, emerging artists always catch my eye! The Folly Boutique is delighted to now be an official stockist of the amazing NY based designer jewellery brand Assad Mounser. Assad Mounser is now a world renowned and highly sought after  brand, being worn by the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Niki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. In 2012, The Folly Boutique was set up independently by director Sophie Moore, having previously been made redundant from her job in the Art industry. Diana Broussard Nate Necklaces sell for ?230 and you can hire them for just ?30. Browse the whole collection here.

Thank you to Rosalind and Bria for the fab questions and great article on The Folly Boutique. Makeda Saggau-Sackey is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Glamazon Diaries, which serves as a daily source of fashion news, style advice and a round-up of the most exclusive celebrity events in New York City and Washington, DC. The actress showed up to the "Catching Fire" premiere in Paris on Friday wearing a bold new accessory: an ear cuff.
Check out Lawrence's unexpected take -- are you a fan of the blingy ear jewel or is it a little much?
The pleats make us want to make her walk briskly through the streets of Paris just to hear it rustle. We are pretty much always a fan of the red lip, though with the short, smooth hair and lined eyes we can’t help but think she looks a lot more like Ellen Barkin than we ever realized.
A single-soled shoe is always refreshing compared with the sea of platforms we normally see clomping around a red carpet. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jennifer Lawrence wore a sparkly ear cuff at the Paris premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and from then on the edgy-futuristic style has taken the fashion world by storm. Of course, there are your trusty studs, hoops and chandeliers, who knows with ear cuff what edgy alter ego you might discover. Gold chains and chunky skull rings are his thing, but having teamed up with one of her own personal favourite californian based high end jewellery makers Hoorsenbuhs, a Damien Hirst jewellery line has been created.
It can be a tricky trend to pull off, so if you’re not ready to commit – why not hire one and try! Fallon was born, and is now an uber-trendy and well sought after brand worn by the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga and SJP. Along with seemingly the rest of the world, us ladies at The Folly Boutique are majorly lusting over her stunning looks, impeccable taste in red carpet dresses and of course her sensational acting skills. Sharing a love for artists and architecture, this amazing artist Federico Bambina has created a stunning collection of prints juxtaposing buildings structure and famous artworks. Verge thought the rental side of The Folly Boutique is a great tool for students and young people who love fashion jewellery but don’t have the funds to buy it outright.

She is also the editor-in-chief of Duchess of Cambridge Style, an online fashion community devoted to chronicling what the former Kate Middleton wears, events she attends and where to get her looks. An almost metallic finish is perfect party fodder for Jessica Alba's deliciously dark lips.
Hone in on the statement lip with slicked back hair and a clear complexion - Stacy Keibler's en pointe. A stark contrast to her retro, ladylike tea-length dress, the diamond-encrusted bauble on her left ear was on full display courtesy of her new pixie haircut.
If you’re not celeb-inspired, look to the fashion week runways where designers like Thakoon have turned the piece into a statement accessory. The aesthetic inspires fantasy, and is always derived from a strong pop culture reference and point of view.
Famous for its distinctive use of pearls, leather, chunky chains and spikes, Fallon clashes punk with princess allowing the chaotic collaboration of opposites. Featuring heavy beading, raw crystal, spikes, chains and studs, her stunning collection of jewellery is fierce yet feminine. Rope, crystals, chains and pearls find themselves wrapped, twisted and bound together in a unique assemblage signature to the brand. We’re a big fan of this stunning collection of graphic and layerable pieces to be worn again and again.
Mainly a collection of chunky collar and choker necklaces, Fenton pieces are intense, bold and brash. We loved the dress on the Dior Fall 2013 runway, but it had less sideboob going on at the time, and the right shoulder panel was not so thick.

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