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Set in the inspiring surroundings of this beautiful and historic college, Craft Fairs at Lancing College is a wonderful showcase for the very best of contemporary and traditional craft and design. Visitors to Crafts at Lancing College can stroll between the fascinating college buildings and the famous chapel and see breath-taking views over the South Downs and beyond.
2014 is our 18th year at this stunning venue and we hope to welcome all our regular customers again.
Okay I know we said that our vintage fair on 22nd November would be our last fair of the year.  However, we have been asked by Haigh Hall to organize one final Handmade Fair of 2015. Christmas Workshops for all including Christmas table decorations, Christmas cone and card making. There are stalls in the entrance hall, downstairs ballroom, upstairs ballroom and this year there will be a Christmas gift room in the library.  The upper floor is accessible via the beautiful stairs or lift.

There will be live entertainment throughout the day from the beautiful and talented Bexi Owen. You can purchase food, drink and of course mulled wine at the cafe off the downstairs ballroom.  There is additional seating upstairs to enjoy the refreshments.
On Sunday 6th July we are back at Haigh Hall with our Besides the Seaside vintage and retro craft fair.  We have over 40 fab stall selling vintage and retro clothing, accessories, jewellery and collectables, as well as handmade jewellery, soaps, candles, fabric gifts, cupcakes, chocolate and a new stall selling handmade retro lollipops.
The craft exhibitors you will meet at our shows here at Lancing College are makers and designers of their own products.
As you enter the first oak-panelled hall, you will be ready to enjoy the chance to buy top quality, hand crafted treasures, direct from the makers and designers. Those who have visited Crafts at Lancing College in the past will find even more to enjoy this year.

The Walkden and Farnworth Brass Band (Saturday 19th) The Golborne Brass Band (Sunday 20th).
Perhaps take home something tempting from some of the food stands and be entertained by live craft demonstrations, “hands-on” crafts, music, children’s entertainment and so much more!
Then, why not sit and enjoy hot and cold refreshments to fortify you for the rest of your day here?

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