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More often then not you find yourself looking for the perfect accessory to match that great work outfit or beaded creation for your big night out.
Along with your FREE download you’ll also receive free subscription to our email newsletter. This FREE jewellery making  eBook features 12 different necklace projects and ideas, all with their own unique style and suitability including fantastic tips and tricks that the professional jewellery maker uses when creating their own beautiful collections. The first selection of  jewellery making projects include single stranded designs and includes 6 timeless projects and ideas for your next piece. You will learn how how to string  beads so that they sit side by side and how to create a gap between the beads by knotting the string or adding spacers.
Do you wish you had more beautiful necklaces and earrings that coordinated with your wardrobe?
All 12 of these projects will show you how to make beautiful necklaces and pendants that are perfect for any occasion – some so easy to make, you would never know they were made in one morning!  These necklace making projects are a great way to learn new beading techniques and will show you great projects and ideas for beads that you never thought possible. Download your free  eBook for the ultimate necklace collection and get making great single stranded and pendant necklaces today.
All you need to get started making these beautiful projects is this free download, Jewellery Making Projects, a basic jewellery making tool-kit and a handful of gorgeous beads or pendants. This jewellery projects  eBook will give you confidence in all of your necklace and earring making projects plus it will give you great ideas on how to use glass beads, pearls, seed beads and pendants to create your “Hey, I made this myself” accessory. Throughout these digital pages, you will find pendant projects to create effective, eye-catching fashion accessories.
The Jewellery Making Projects eBook will inspire you to make jewellery that suits your own style and personality – and hopefully you will have fun while doing it!
Now, with this fabulous jewellery making  eBook, you will be making your very own necklaces to wear as well as creating beautiful jewellery to give as gifts to all of your lucky friends and family. This ultimate necklace making eBook also includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step information that you will need to create stunning necklaces of your very own.

This may be one of the simplest of styles, yet the variety of designs you can create from this eBook is infinite. Have you ever wanted to learn how you can make your own stunning necklaces and earrings at a fraction of the cost of buying them from the high street? All the necklaces featured in this FREE  eBook are simple to make and many are even suitable for total beginners who’ve never picked up a basic jewellery making tool kit.
This eBook will also give you great technical advice for stringing and finishing your projects. We think of a pendant as a type of necklace, but this Old French word actually refers to the ornament that hangs from it. A great resource full of 12 jewellery projects plus great ideas and inspiration, the Jewellery Making Projects eBook  is a great way to dive in and get started. At stores, you may find handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, watches, and accessories. With these 12 exciting  jewellery making  ideas from best-selling jewellery designer and author, Dorothy Wood, you will learn not only how to assemble these fantastic designs but how to choose the best beads for making projects just like the ones you will find in this eBook. You will begin with a short overview of jewellery making tools of the trade and discover how each tool is used to create Dorothy Wood’s dramatic effects. The Perfect Pearls  project shows you how to make the classic pearl string which is the most iconic of all of the single-strand designs. Get your copy of the Jewellery Making Projects eBook today and get the most sought after necklace making collection there is from best selling author Dorothy Wood. Jeweler designers are able to create fabulous and unique ideas because the availability of a variety of materials and gemstone. Download this exciting Jewellery Making Projects eBook today and start to make your own fashion accessories. The free jewellery projects found in this eBook are all extremely versatile and are shown in easy to follow steps helpful to someone just starting out as well as a more comfortable jewellery making professional.

If you are new to jewellery making, learning new skills, or make your own pieces often, there is something you will love in this necklace collection eBook. Meanwhile various gemstones such as opal, pearl, apatite, aquamarine, coral, diamond, emerald, and many more are incorporated. You will have fun creating your very own fashion accessories all while using the skills and the free jewellery making projects within these digital pages.
Jewellery pieces made by popular jeweler designers like Anne Sportun, Jes MaHarry, Victoria Cunningham, and Chan Luu can be your inspiration. Along with this free eBook, you will also receive a  membership to our online community of people who have a creative lifestyle, just like you. The major reason is that they want something unusual that distinct from what many people wear. They are well-known as the talented designer that can create timeless look of handcrafted jewellery pieces. Stitch Craft Create features hundreds of free jewellery making projects, knitting patterns, recipes and more to inspire your creativity.
If you buy a piece from directly from someone who is doing the work, probably you can get a lower price.
Furthermore, handmade works has the ability to bring out a message of value, pleasure, and appreciation in all occasions.

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