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This idea from Real Simple takes a simple, boxy picture frame and, with some wire and eyelet hooks, turns it into a pretty, free-standing display for your dangly earrings. Erin took a piece of driftwood from a trip to the beach and added mismatched decorative knobs for a pretty and sentimental way to hang her necklaces. Liz Marie used a hardware display board and collection of drawer pulls to hang her earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Wooden cutlery trays with added hooks make the perfect dividers for necklaces, bracelets and rings.
Rebekah put together this great combination of elements for the ultimate jewelry organizer. She  lined a picture frame with aluminum screen and hung a small coat rack beneath it. Smart and simple, this necklace display is just a towel bar and some s-hook shower curtain rings.
Love this blog and gives me some great ideas for xmas presents for those jewelry lovers i know.
I made a hanging jewelry box out of a picture frame - when it's closed you just see your picture but opening it up reveals all your jewelry, nicely organized!
Molly started decorating imaginary children's rooms out of the Laura Ashley catalog in junior high.

TestimonialsRecieved today, absolutely love them very easy transaction quick delivery, highly recommend and the earrings are much much prettier in real life will definetly be ordering again. Comments CommentsClarice Great Jewellery BargainsThat delivery was Really QUICK just received my order this morning. Comments CommentsStacy Lea Jewellery Competition WinnerI received my second order today and I just had to let you know how much I love the high quality silver jewellery you stock.
Comments CommentsTanya High Quality Silver JewelleryI am really impressed with my princess studs. I always struggle to find place to store my things and they tend to be lying here and there (I am not a slob though!). This is such an inexpensive thing to do as you can use coffee, jam, mayonnaise, sweet jars or wine bottles.. As you can see in the images above I have placed my jewellery jars on my window sill which makes them so nice to look at each time you enter the room. Do you wear the same pair of earrings day after day because you forget that you own others?
I love using a radiator grate within an antique frame for hanging storage, and the vintage pedestal tray is a lovely way to display pretty bracelets and rings.

Shannon used copper wiring to unite several small branches for a natural and rustic way to display her necklaces.
I'm a little disappointed that you overlooked the jewelry cabinet project that I featured right here on Curbly back in 2007. I always get comments of how nice I look and I still can’t believe how cheap they are!! We bring you lifestyle posts from beauty, decor & design, entertainment, fashion and so much more brought to you by two REAL girls! Well I hope not, because there are some amazing solutions out there for storing and displaying your baubles.

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